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Rainy Monday Rainy Monday
Bichon Frise
Rainy Monday
Rainy loves to smile and play. He now has a new girl friend named Lila, also a Bichon. He will pose for the camera on demand. He protects me with his life, in more ways than one. What happiness he has brought to my life!
Lisa Dacapos

Jade Jade
Bichon Frise
She's a beautiful stunning graceful Bichon Frise. She loves to sit on the couch and watch people go by and bark at them like crazy! She's a little angel and a little trouble maker at the same time!
Samantha De Oliveira
Canada Canada

Bruno Bruno
Bichon Frise
This is our dear Bruno, now 10 years, retired and living in California! He worked many years as a volunteer in Florida assisting me, his mother, in babysitting! Kids adored him and he loved them too! We all love you Cochi!
Wiwy S.
Estados Unidos Estados Unidos

Belle Belle
Bichon Frise
Belle is such a wonderful dog. She thinks she is a person, she acts like one too. She loves to go for walks. Her favorite toy is a ball. She likes to look out the window and sit on my lap. She sounds like she even wants to talk and she is not far from that. She is such a great companion.
Cindy Campos
California, USA California, USA

Banks Banks
Bichon Frise
Banks is a wonderful dog. He is very playful. During the day, he likes to look out the window and sleep in his room. At night, he always grabs his bear and goes to sleep with us.
Yvette Pace

Gigi Gigi
Bichon Frise
Gigi is not a dog, or does not know she is. She is so special that other family members are jealous. Should be jr's sole mate. lol
Bob & Pat Gallahar

Mapledog Mapledog
Bichon Frise
She is 4 years old in human years. She is a Bichon Frise and has white curly fur.
Brie Purvis

Spike Spike
Bichon Frise
Spike is 5 months old and he is a fiesty little fellow.
Karen Stewart
New Jersey, USA New Jersey, USA

Teddy Teddy
Bichon Frise
Teddy is a 3 1/2 year old male Bichon. He loves going for walks and posing for the camera.

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