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Mac Mac
Border Collie
Mac is 2 years old we got him from a Breeder. He has some problems he was the runt of the litter. but i love him so much!
Alexis Horton
usa usa

'Bert' Braeloch Wedgewood Blue 'Bert' Braeloch Wedgewood Blue
Border Collie
'Bert' Braeloch Wedgewood Blue
Bert is our kennels stud dog here in Australia. He has an absolutely beautiful temperament and is a joy to own (he is one big teddy bear). DOB:18/10/2005
W. Ramsdell
Australia Australia

Zac Niell Zac Niell
Border Collie
Zac Niell
Zac is a very hyper obedient 11mths old dog.He is very smart intelligent and well trained.He has lovely markings and is very tall for a collie.I am so glad he picked me!!!!
Ray Neill

Border Collie
He loves long walks, things that squeeeeek and catching ball & cuddles
Catherine Ryan
Ireland Ireland

Bren Bren
Border Collie
Bren is a fabulous well behaved dog who is the leader of our pack. We love her to bits.
Keiran Smith
Wales Wales

Mona Mona
Border Collie
Mona is a rescue dog who survived a grusome beginning. I adopted her when she was 6 and just turned 13 in September! She is the sweetest girl and this is a picture of her mid yawn which is hilarious because she is such a gentle soul but she looks ferocious!
R.A Higginson
Canada Canada

Caffrey Caffrey
Border Collie
Mad as a hatter & loves water
Gareth Valentine

Liberty Liberty
Border Collie
My lovely dog is so fun to be around he is my everything.Even though he doesnt get alond whith my cat =/.anyways he can play peek-a-boo,he can sit,shake,speak,jump,and were teaching him how to roll over.He is a very fast learner.He was born in a fox hole and the aspca people had to unbury him.He was the only one out of the liter that looked like a lovely border collie. he is amazing and is a fantastic pet to be around and he protects the family and goes coo-koo bananas when the door bell rings.
Haley C
America America

Liberty Liberty
Border Collie
We adopted him from the aspca they told us about where they found him.He was born in a fox hole and they had to un bury him out.When we went see the puppies he was the only puppy that looked like a border collie.When we brought him home he was scared.In the 2 years we had him he learned how to play peek-a-boo,how to speak,how to sit;etc.he loves his belly rubbed,and he is very protective of the family.we love him soo much and we will never ever give this bundle of joy we took into our family up.
Haley C

Sammy Sammy
Border Collie
he loves to play and i rescued him from a terrible farm where he slept in a 3 foot by 3 foot barn stall along with his 14 brothers and sisters and his mother
Stephanie Pavelka
United States of America United States of America

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