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Princess Princess
Poodle (Toy)
Hello, my name is Mary. I have a Toy Poodle named Princess. She is nine years old and is very much still active for her age. She loves to go outside and ride in my car. I have really enjoyed having her as a pet.
Mary Chamberlain

Prince Charming Prince Charming
Poodle (Toy)
Prince Charming
My dog Prince Charming (Little man, baby boy, etc.) is three years old. I got him at PetLand. He knows 9 tricks and is very spoiled.
Samantha S.

Rusty Rusty
Poodle (Toy)
Hey this is my cute little puppy he is so funny! his name is Rusty he nay be nine years old but hes still got spring in his step this guy is famous he's in the breed directory i feel like a star now. His favourite toy is his little faceless snowman stuffy cuz he wrecked mine when i was about 5 i loved that little stuffy:'( but anyways i dont want to bore you that nuch so im not gonna:D talk to you on the bark zone boards.
Jonathan C.
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

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