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Smokey Jo Smokey Jo
Labrador Retriever
Smokey Jo
Smokey Jo is an almost fully white pure breed border collie as he is lightly tanned in some places. He is a good boy and knows many tricks.
Jessica Spokes
Queensland Queensland

Spike Spike
American Staffordshire Terrier
this is my baby spike he is a big sook at times and he is very fun and Loving!
Hayley M
Australia Australia

Boofhead Boofhead
Mixed Breed
boofhead is a mixed breed. he is a daschund cross papillon. he is the most gorgeous dog with the funniest character, he loves my other dog missy who is a blue heeler cross kelpy. we found boof about 2 years ago and put posters out but nobody called so we ended up keeping him and he is amazing fun!
Abbey T
Perth, Western Australia Perth, Western Australia

Spike Spike
American Staffordshire Terrier
This is my little sook spike he so cute!
Hayley Smith
Tasmania,Australia Tasmania,Australia

Gypsy (Little Rok Sta) Gypsy (Little Rok Sta)
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Gypsy (Little Rok Sta)
heyy gypsy is 2 and a half and is really friendly she loves her ball and the beach. and when were down there she digs a trench around us. she is my bestie. she is also a cow as in bitch. she is fun and play full but needs to go on weight watches because she needs to lose 2kg and she has a big hole in her foot so we cant exsersize her.
Riley Chesney
australia, perth australia, perth

Goldy!!!! Goldy!!!!
Shih Tzu
Goldy has been part of my life for 7 years now. She is now 7 and is crossed with a malteese ( dog ). she luvs chasing birds and luvs the tramp i ily her. ily goldy xox from ur muched luved owner KELLY!
Kelly El
w.a w.a

Axle Axle
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Hard working!
Australia Australia

Paris Paris
Paris is 4 years old and a for Love Bite Pet Products. We think she is such a poser! But love her to bits Mwwah!
Jennie Lovebitepet
Australia Australia

Tyson Tyson
He is five years old and was adopted from the RSPCA on the 10 June 2008, he loves hugs, playing ball and at times testing our patience but the positive is he loves his new family.
Adele Ragusa
Mitcham Australia Mitcham Australia

Emily Paris Rose Emily Paris Rose
German Shepherd Dog
Emily Paris Rose
This is our beautiful German Shepherd miss Em. She is a little over 3yrs and a true princess. We love her more and more every day. We have so much fun together. We know exactly what each other is thinking. Having already lost our beautiful handsome boy 3 yrs ago, just the thought of anything happening to the delightful miss Em is overwhelming. Mmm how do i write this, our poor little girl has just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and is seeing the specialist in October. If she needs a hip replacement then this is what she will get, we will give her everything. All of our fingers and toes are crossed for our furry four legged child.
Karen F
Australia Australia

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