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Mickey the Pug Mickey the Pug
Mickey the Pug
He is very playful and likes to stare at people when he's taking a walk. He is about 7 months old now. He learns tricks fast, he knows sit,lie down,stay,shake hands,and come. Right now I'm teaching him how to roll over.
Amy Kung
BC, Canada BC, Canada

Monty Monty
Monty is 9 months old and my best friend. He is the first dog I have ever had and he has brought so much joy and pleasure into my life. I love him with all my heart and soul.
K.J. Kennedy
Canada Canada

JK Maccabee Northern Warrior JK Maccabee Northern Warrior
Canaan Dog
JK Maccabee Northern Warrior
Canadian-born Maccabee is every bit the Canaan Dog. Bright and eager to learn, he is also aloof and stubborn. Herding is his current passion where he can rule the flock. A desert breed that loves Canadian winters.
Larry M.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Toby Toby
Mixed Breed
T. Hleck
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Sushi Sushi
Shiba Inu
Sushi is a one year old male red sesame Shiba Inu. He is very smart, fun & loyal. He loves to play any chance he gets. One of his favourite toys is a stuffed bear that he sleeps with every night. Sushi loves people and other dogs, and he loves going to the leash-free park every weekend. One thing that he doesn't like is having his paws wiped when they are dirty. He is very ticklish and hates having his paws touched. Sushi is a well-behaved dog, but does try to outsmart me whenever he gets the chance. He's a lot of fun!
Bonnie S.
Canada Canada

Cody Cody
English Cocker Spaniel
Cody is 11 months old and is a very friendly dog. His wonderful personality and playful spirit are a joy to our family.
Judy L.
Canada Canada

Bailey Bailey
Miniature Schnauzer
Bailey is a one year old Mini-Schnauzer who howls like a wolf to get us (Mom and Dad) to play with her. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with us. In fact, she puts herself right in the middle of me and my husband in bed and once she does that there is no way we can get her out. She had her first camping trip last summer in Algonquin Park. She wasn't too keen of the water but did not mind the canoe ride at all. She loved hiking the trail too.
Eric and Aimee D.
Canada Canada

Elmo Elmo
This is the boy. Elmo is now 6 years old and loves everyone. He also loves givin' kisses..even if they're unwanted.
Tammy Arbeau
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

BJ (Billy Jo) BJ (Billy Jo)
Not Forgotten
BJ (Billy Jo)
This is my little prince BJ who was the ring bearer at my wedding. He was my little man but also Grampy and Nanny's boy. He was just soooooooooo handsome. :)
Tammy Arbeau
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

Jessy Jessy
Golden Retriever
So cute!!!!
Sabrina Carciero
Canada Canada

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