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Blue Blue
Blue is a 14 week old Pie Bald Bulldog and has one blue eye which he has had an operation on for cherry-eye at 12 weeks old. He suffers from heart murmur which I really hope will repair itself as he has been through a lot in his little life already.
Kirsty Hall

Bruce Bruce
This is Bruce of Wivenhoe Essex he is 2 years old and acts it. He is a great guard dog and lover of humans. He is a true companion that loves the outdoors and the rabbits as he constantly disappears for a hour or two. He says a big hello to everyone.
Neil Rawlings
British British

Todd Todd
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
This is Todd. He is 2 and is a very special dog to me although he is very naughty but his eyes make us love him even more.
Hannah Woods

Milo Milo
Border Collie
He may look angelic but he's far from it. If he was human he would have freckles, shorts, socks around his ankles, scuffed knees and a catapult!!! But like any child he's loved to bits.
Heather P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Woody Woody
English Springer Spaniel
Woody was rescued at aged 5(ish), he is now around 10. I can't believe anyone could be mean to him/abandon him. He is wonderful and makes me smile a 1000 times a day.
Heather P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Bossy Boots at Patchdown Bossy Boots at Patchdown
French Bulldog
Bossy Boots at Patchdown
Amy is 5 years now she has 4 rec cc,s a best bitch in breed / champ show best in show at midlands and northern counties breed show Nov 2004 and she rules the roost.
Lilian Poulson
British British

Kipper Kipper
Jack Russell Terrier
Kipper is a rescue dog who has sadly lost both his eyes but still manages remarkably well.
Michael C.
England England

Flint Flint
German Wirehaired Pointer
Flint's a great family dog with a good nature. He shares the house with 2 children & two other dogs & a cat. We show him throughout the year in the UK and he's doing nicely.
Kat Todd

Boycie & Reggie Boycie & Reggie
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Boycie & Reggie
Boycie blk/white reggie pied both brothers... such a fantastic breed, both are as mad as each other. Full of life, never a dull moment with these two around!
H. Kos
U.K. U.K.

Stella Stella
Mixed Breed
Stella is a cross bitch and enjoys playing with staffs. She is 7 months old and gets up to no good when she has got no one to play with.
Pam Boyce
British British

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