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James & Lilym James & Lilym
Mixed Breed
James & Lilym
James & Lily are miniature dachsund/west highland white terrier mix and are bother and sister. They are so adorable! They are 2 months old in this picture and as you can tell they are inseperable! They are named after James & Lily Potter, parents of the famous Harry Potter.
Katherine Shaw
New York New York

Mixed Breed
"Hey" look at Prince
Prince is the best dog ever! Although he's not very good on a leash. He loves to play, but when he gets on a bed he's just so calm and sweet.
Prince Paxton
Fair Grove, Missouri U.S.A. Fair Grove, Missouri U.S.A.

Lucy And Oscar Lucy And Oscar
Lucy And Oscar
Lucy and Oscar go together like peas and carrots! Lucy, the larger one, is part long hair dachie (we think) and Oscar is full dauchie, short hair mini. Lucy and Oscar are both adoptees from a local animal shelter; adopted a few years apart.
Leah Mclellan
Texas Texas

Bella Bella
Labrador Retriever
Bella is a very smart dog.....she will get the remote control, the cell phone, shoes, or pretty much anything you ask her to get for you....she is very sweet.
Kas Kas
Michigan Michigan

Cutiedumplin Cutiedumplin
Jack Russell Terrier
She is the sweetiest, smartest doggie in the world. She loves to play and run and also to cuddle with everyone, She is sooooo sweet! <3
Crystal W

Envi Envi
Chinese Shar-Pei
The cutest puppy EVER! Envi is great I couldnt ask for more! An she loves her mama (me) :) Ive always had Rotts but always wantd a Shar Pei.! I love her "fat rolls" Shes jus puuurfect!
Micki Frances
New Port Richey, FL New Port Richey, FL

Rocky Rocky
Rocky is the BOMB and hates bullies!
Eggs Ackley

Boomer Boomer
This is Boomer, our special little friend. He is one of the friendliest, loving, caring Bulldogs we have ever met. He loves to give sloppy kisses, and sit in your lap when you are sad! He is a true friend for life!
S & R G
St.Pete, Fl St.Pete, Fl

Peanut Peanut
Peanut is awesome. He is always so glad to see me. Full of vim and vigor. He never gets into trouble. And boy does he listen. His only requirement is to be petted! What a joy.
Kathryn Few
Maryland Maryland

Shiloh Shiloh
Mixed Breed
Shiloh is a rottweiler/ black lab she is the sweetest thing alive I LOVE HER
Akm Akm
Colorado, USA Colorado, USA

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