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Tesa May Tesa May
Labrador Retriever
Tesa May
Tesa is a very special dog to me she is like a get over it dog see i had a boxer named scooby and he passed away on my mom and dads aniversery on june 11 2006 and tesa will never be the same but i dont if i will ever be able to find a dog like her but i hope that she will live a happy life before she goes above. but she loves to ride the four wheeler and to swim in the river she is 2 1/2 years old I <3 U Tesa
Courtney Mo
North Carolina North Carolina

Tesa May Tesa May
Labrador Retriever
Tesa May
tesa is a angel she loves to swim and ride on the four wheelers she has never been agressive to anybody and has never tried. her favorite toy is a remington fetch toy and i love her sooo much and i hope that she will live til the day i rise above.
Coutney Lab Gurl 123
North Carolina North Carolina

Piper Piper
Shetland Sheepdog
Piper is 11 months old. She is a Blue Merle. She will be bred in the summer to Bode. A Bi-Black Champion from Ohio. She was very easy to train. She thinks her job is to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder. She takes her job very serious. Shes alot of fun to have around.
Kathleen Barczi
I live near St. Clair Mi. I live near St. Clair Mi.

Hunter and his friend Boe Hunter and his friend Boe
Hunter and his friend Boe
Friends to all he meets.
Kris Shepard
Georgia, USA Georgia, USA

Lexie Lexie
Yorkshire Terrier
Lexie is a 5 year old retired show dog and breeder who no longer has to do those things. She is the princess of our sofa. She goes everywhere with us and melts the hearts of anyone she meets with those big brown eyes!
Inga B.
Colorado, USA Colorado, USA

Labby Labby
Labrador Retriever
Labby is a wonderful dog full of energy and love! :)
Sara Ames
Petersburg,VA Petersburg,VA

Darla Lowlita-Rocky-Jowee Darla Lowlita-Rocky-Jowee
Darla Lowlita-Rocky-Jowee
Darla Lowlita is the Long Hair - Rocky is the Wire Hair and Jowee is the smooth. We love our doxies! Rocky was 2 months old in this picture and 3 years old in the one above.
Eggs Ackley

Rocky Rocky
Rocky is a wire hair dachshund and does not realize he is so small, or a dog for that matter. He has a very expressive face and eyes. Here is a shot of his Oh Wise Guy hey, look.
Eggs Ackley

Macy Macy
Mixed Breed
Meet Macy, she is a 2 yr. old maltese/shih tzu. In February of 2008, Macy had liver shunt surgery. She is now very healthy and spoiled rotten! She loves to play with her favorite stuffed animal "Bear" and her sister, Mia. She has been a wonderful addition to my family!
Michelle L

Brady Brady
Golden Retriever
Brady loves to run and sleep and eat he is 4
Ems Ems
Mass. Mass.

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