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Luna Luna
Luna is now 1 year old. She is very playful and very smart.
Jenny Camacho

Kuma Kuma
We got Kuma when he was 3 1/2 months old. He is 8 months old now and has become a very important part of our family. He is very smart and learns quickly. He is very friendly and has a great personality. He is the cleanest dog we have ever owned and after washing himself he never fails to also clean Junior our cat.
Dan & Jennie Swadis Jr.
Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania, USA

Linus Linus
Linus is very sweet and affectionate with his family and close friends, but will not tolerate other male dogs. Motown is his "sister" and can do anything to him including taking his treats and chewing on him.
sjs sjs
Michigan, USA Michigan, USA

Kia Kia
Kia is a very friendly but stubborn dog. He gets on with everyone especially children, but doesn't like any big kids shouting and playing about. He is very protective to all he knows.
W.G. Carpenter
Great Britian Great Britian

CJ's (Yoko) Inu CJ's (Yoko) Inu
CJ's (Yoko) Inu
Yoko is our second Akita (our first died a year ago after 11 years with us) she is 8 weeks old & an amazing pup. She is house broken and knows sit stay & come. I can only imagine how far this puppy will take us in loving Akitas more than we already do.
Dawn Mann

Mikka Mikka
This is one of the puppies from Mikko and Kiwo also shown in this photo album. She was the runt who had to be bottled fed as a pup. My husband fell in love with her and because of that we now have three full grown Akitas. Mom, Dad and pup. We wouldn't have it any other way. They all sleep together every night in our room, and the pup still thinks she is supposed to sleep on the bed with dad.
Shahzadee Engels

Kiwi and Mikko Kiwi and Mikko
Kiwi and Mikko
This beautiful white Akita was flown over from Japan. She has the most loving personality as do most Akitas. She is just like one of the girls in the house.
Shahzadee Engels

King King
I bred King for the sole purposes of protecting my farm equipment,which he has done so well that I have never had anything stolen since. He's a real treasure and probably my most loyal companion.
Andrew McCleery
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

Suni Suni
This is our Akita, affectionately known to her many friends as 'Suni the Bear'. She is pictued here at 2 years old and obviously enjoys the rare opportunity of playing in the snow here in the UK. She is the most loving and loyal companion, so chilled out most of the time but has a real quirky character.
Samantha Hume
United Kingdom United Kingdom

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