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Chloe Chloe
This is Chloe, 1 year old mini long haired Dachshund. She is a ball of energy and into everything,mostly laundry)and loves aggrevating her sisters, Zoe(Standard) and Gracie(Mini smooth)who are not quite as energitic as she.
Mel Napier
usa usa

Cleatus Cleatus
Cleatus is 5 months old. He is lovable and wondeful and eats everything he comes across! The good news is i barely have to clean the cat box anymore! He loves toys and demands to sleep in the people bed anytime i am in it.
Lucy Behr

Fritz Fritz
Fritz is a happy mini dachsund who loves to ride on the golf cart. He eats grapes and blue berries off the vine. He loves the outdoor country surroundings. He loves being outside to watch the rabbits,deer, and squirrels. Each night at bed time he will seek out for his nightly grahmn cracker snack. Fritz has no idea he is a dog. He feels very sure he is a human like the rest of us.
Kathy Hall

Jaunty Jaunty
Our Jaunty is a lively 20 month old black and tan male Dacshund; his full name is Jonathan Von Grimbergen -too complex for a simple sweet dog. He will be siring some good pups soon (hopefully!) He loves to chase cats, pigeons and even stray monkeys that come home from neighbourhood.
Uday Kumar
India India

Zeke Zeke
Not Forgotten
A tribute to my first dog ever. Zeke was the center of my world for over 14 years. He was a miniature long-haired black and tan. Very fit and trim, loved to fetch tennis balls, would roll them to you with his nose. He loved to travel. He slept with us in our high water bed under the covers. He ruled our home, totally in charge, very vocal, persistent, begged, and always got his way. He loved bananas, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. We miss him dearly.
K. Slee

Khloe And Louie Khloe And Louie
Khloe And Louie
Khloe and Louie are miniature cream, half brother and sister. Their father was a champion show dog. They were born March 2006. Louie is a total lap-dog, very sweet, timid, obedient, and loves to run. Khloe is very intelligent, but total trouble, chews anything left in her path. They keep our family very entertained.
K. Slee

Benny Benny
Benny is a character! He has learned some of his obedience lessons, but is a typical little Dachshund. Benny is very vocal and gets into everything, including my heart. We are best buddies.
Benny B

Ernie Ernie
This is my fat little buddy Ernie, he is 7 years old, and gets anything he wants, take him into any pet store and he grabs a toy thats what he gets, its hard to say no to him when he looks at you with them big eyes and raises his ears and tilts his head.
Troy Chandler Sr
united states united states

Kal Kan And Chubbs Kal Kan And Chubbs
Kal Kan And Chubbs
This Is An Album For My Two Babies... Kal Kan And Chubbs. I Hope They Become Your Fav-o-rite Pair, As They Have Become Mine! Enjoy Everyone.
Kari Johnson
United States Of America United States Of America

Eddie Eddie
He is my life! he is so small but he takes a big space in my heart.sweet,very smart and playful, eddie is special!
Victoria Lovedogs
Greece Greece

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