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Liza Buragohain Liza Buragohain
Labrador Retriever
Liza Buragohain
my little girl liza, she is my 5th and my youngest baby in my dog family.
Julie Buragohain
delhi 110049 delhi 110049

Puppy Puppy
My sweet little puppy is very naughty and loving. She is very sweet. She is my dearest one, I love her soo much.......
Harsha Libina
Kerala, India Kerala, India

Jeeny Jeeny
Labrador Retriever
hi meet my heart "jeeny". she is 2y old lab. she is very foodish, lovable, naughty and intelligent. she play hide and seek with "scooby". he is also 2y old golden lab. they made for each other.
Rishav Singh,Upasna &Meenal Singh
patna,jalalpur patna,jalalpur

Roxy Roxy
German Shepherd Dog
Roxy is very handsome and got a graceful body. He is very active and bold all the time. We all love it.
Shilpa Rao
Bangalore, Bangalore,

Elsa Elsa
Golden Retriever
This is Elsa. The love of my life. she is two years old :)
Roy Dsouza
pune, INDIA pune, INDIA

Honey Honey
Lhasa Apso
Honey is our 2 month old Lhasa Apso.
India, Chennai India, Chennai

Woofy Kuttu Woofy Kuttu
Mixed Breed
Woofy Kuttu
this is my cute, sweet, naught, curious, loving, friendly, aggressive(towards strangers), intelligent, understanding, playful, pedigree-loving, dog kuttu..... he is just like my own brother this was the photo taken when he was 2-months old, woofy is now 10 months old
Sru Calicut
kerala, india kerala, india

Ruby Ruby
American Eskimo Dog
her name is ruby and she like various fruits like orange, watermelon, mango. she like to maintain her body.
Seema Rajoli
maharashtra (mumbai) maharashtra (mumbai)

Caesar Caesar
He is very naughty and very loving. He makes everyone happy. He feels upset when anyone in our family is not with him.
Sheen Susha
Kerala State Kerala State

Sonu Sonu
Labrador Retriever
This is a dog which is very special special to us. it is very foodish and always liking to eat and walk on the street whole night.
Narasingha Rao
india,karnataka,hospet india,karnataka,hospet

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