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Luther Luther
Jack Russell Terrier
Rescued at 6 years old. Now 10.
Sharon Duvall
North Carolina, USA North Carolina, USA

Zayda Zayda
German Shorthaired Pointer
This is 9 week old Zayda. She is so sweet. Full of energy but already obeying commands and house broken.
Debra P
Louisiana, USA Louisiana, USA

Molly Molly
Molly is 2. 5 years old. A very intelligent and sweet dog. We have recently rescued a Weimaraner about 5 years old. Lucy and Molly are becoming good friends.
R Duke
Arizona, USA Arizona, USA

Charlie Charlie
Poodle (Miniature)
Charlie is a one year old mini poodle. He loves to play fetch, go for walks, nap in the laundry, romp around in the snow and perform his many tricks-for treats of course!
Kristin T.

Haylee Haylee
German Shepherd Dog
Haylee is a three year old GSD. She is currently training for obedience trials and titles. She is a wonderful dog and a wonderful member of the family!
Matthew and Kristyn Wasilewski
Elgin, IL Elgin, IL

B.C. & Duke Bruticus B.C. & Duke Bruticus
B.C. & Duke Bruticus
Part of a big family of dogs who love to have brotherly wrestles and lay in the bed and get their tummies rubbed. They have a wonderful bond and love to go on car rides and go to the family business and mingle and show off.
Amanda Moore
Alpharetta, Georgia Alpharetta, Georgia

Famous Amos Moses Famous Amos Moses
Famous Amos Moses
Amos is very vocal and will howl like a wolf and then bellow like a whale if he feels he is being ignored. My puppy will be 20 months old January 18th and is a strong 110-pound hybrid bully. I read that doctors in South Korea charge 15k to clone your dog. If I win the lottery Amos will live forever!
R.J. Bennett

Dublin Dublin
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Dublin is a very lively, lovable wheatie! He loves to cuddle up on laps to nap and lick our faces whenever possible!
Sarah Ms

Apples Apples
Mixed Breed
Apples is our 14 year old plus rescue doggie. She entered our lives at age 10 1/2 and was a great friend to Keelee (1995-2008). She is a wonderful loving doggie who finally got the chance to live life to its fullest when we brought her into our home in 2005.
Philadelphia Philadelphia

Ajax Ajax
Golden Retriever
Ajax is 4 years old, loves to play ball and roll in the grass. He is an Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteer at his local hospital system.
Judy Tapscott
Keller, Texas Keller, Texas

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