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Colossus Colossus
Miscellaneous Breed
Colossus is a Catahoula Leopard dog. 2 months old and like all Catahoulas, a loving loyal ball of energy.
Kyle Murphy
Texas Texas

Lolli Lolli
English Springer Spaniel
Lolli is a beautiful, wonderful, enthusiastic, food hogging dog! She lives life to the fullest and is the joy of my life. Springers are wonderful dogs but also can be stressful. They are 'Velcro" dogs who need to be near their humans. I love Lolli!
B. Martin
Loogootee IN Loogootee IN

Buddy Buddy
English Springer Spaniel
Buddy is a beautiful, wonderful, enthusiastic dog. he loves people and food. His birth date is April 18, 2011. He is a wonderful liver/white Springer and I luv him like crazy!
B. Martin
Loogootee IN Loogootee IN

Princess Noelle Princess Noelle
Shih Tzu
Princess Noelle
Princess Noelle is now 4 y. o. She is a beautiful pup who loves people, children and other dogs and cats. Noelle loves to play soccer, though with a large rubber ball. She loves to cuddle and gives more love than she receives and believe me, that isa lot of love! Noelle loves her treats, and loves to taste our food, she never begs. Noelle loves to "dance" and is happy to have new toys. Noelle loves to sit for a photo. She also loves her "beauty/spa" day appointment because she loves being pampered.
Madalene Greco

Sage Sage
Labrador Retriever
She loves people and is allergic to wheat. Her best friend is me. she literally sits on me, so she can get attention. love her!
Kenzie Jodrie
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Ogee Ogee
French Bulldog
The picture says it all.

Coby And Evie Coby And Evie
Coby And Evie
Coby and Evie Tucked In for a nap.
John & Leslie Webb
Virginia, USA Virginia, USA

Toby Toby
Siberian Husky
Reminded me of Toby Keith, so his name is Toby. Rings the front door bell when he wants inside the house. Loves to ride the 4 wheeler and hangs on like a monkey. Sweet, loving and my and my wife's best friend. Trains easily and minds 100% of the time. Loves everything that's not a vermin, especially children. My Tob.
Marl D
Sweet Home Alabama, USA Sweet Home Alabama, USA

Pinki Rose Poggenpohl Pinki Rose Poggenpohl
Yorkshire Terrier
Pinki Rose Poggenpohl
My pink rose loves walks and loves to ride also smart too smart she's. My best girl PS she watches TV often lol my first yorkie she's a lover
Oklahoma USA Oklahoma USA

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Amosmoses is the best bulldog on Earth and here he is with his Jack Russell playmate at doggie day care, SKITTLES.
R.J. Bennett

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