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Champ Champ
Mixed Breed
I got her from the BCSPCA.
Mike Kob

Mindy Mindy
Mixed Breed
Simply the BEST!
Megan I
Southland Southland

Archie aka Foofie Archie aka Foofie
Mixed Breed
Archie aka Foofie
Archie is an adorable dog. He loves to sleep(in my bed), eat, play, and then sleep some more. Archie is 5 years old.
K. E.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Amberbear Amberbear
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Our most beautiful Amberbear Dog.... forever in our hearts
Jb And Dj Parker
Valencia Valencia

Rocky Rocky
Mixed Breed
Rocky is a five year old Pitt Bull/Lab mix. He is a great guard dog and a lot of fun to be around.... He in a genaric dog though, he still chases the mailman :)
Jessica Horne
Indiana Indiana

Ruby & Diesel Ruby & Diesel
Mixed Breed
Ruby & Diesel
These are my two little babies, who I love with all my heart. The brown one is Diesel and he is a presa canario x pitbull. The little white one is Ruby and she's my angel. She is a pitbull x staffy.
Emma S
Liverpool Liverpool

Tootsie Roll Over Tootsie Roll Over
Mixed Breed
Tootsie Roll Over
Tootsie Roll Over is a very affectionate dog. She loves to play in her yard, go for runs, or just rest and have her tummy rubbed. She is protective of our family and once located a dangerous spider in our doorway.

Charlie Charlie
Mixed Breed
Charlie, 8yrs old Cavalier/ Maltese. Luvs Walkies, Smackcos and Swimming.
Perth WA Perth WA

Reno Reno
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
He protected us and completed our family for 16 years!
North Carolina North Carolina

Woofy Kuttu Woofy Kuttu
Mixed Breed
Woofy Kuttu
this is my cute, sweet, naught, curious, loving, friendly, aggressive(towards strangers), intelligent, understanding, playful, pedigree-loving, dog kuttu..... he is just like my own brother this was the photo taken when he was 2-months old, woofy is now 10 months old
Sru Calicut
kerala, india kerala, india

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