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Saddie Marie A Rescued Pit-Bull Saddie Marie A Rescued Pit-Bull
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Saddie Marie A Rescued Pit-Bull
We rescued our Pit-bull Saddie Marie From the Marion County Animal Services at the beining of August we don't know exactly how old she is but she still a pup, we got her when she just started getting her teeth, shes my baby girl i paint her nails and blow dry her i take her everywhere and feed her leftovers (doggie safe)and she loves my nieces and nefews and her best friend is our cat Bella she loves all dogs and all people she just wants to cuddle with you, she thinks she a lap dog, she has her own bed, like a million toys and she has her bestfriend Cricket a Staffie right down the road..
Katie Wood
Ocala Florida, USA Ocala Florida, USA

Max Max
Golden Retriever
Max is a 4 year old golden retriever who loves to cuddle and play in the front yard all day. He also loves laying in the sun.
Chris Hancock
Boston Boston

Gemma Gemma
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Gemma is a 5 month old Wheaten Terrier Puppy who cheers for the Green Bay Packers with us every Sunday. She is hoping for another Super Bowl victory.
Deeann Leanna

Biscuit Biscuit
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Biscuit loves her stuffed animals and tennis balls.
Tim Park
Tennessee, USA Tennessee, USA

Lex Lex
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
my dog is a pitbull but they dont have the breed i dont know why but he is a LICK-A-HOLIC! but i love him just the way he is he is ADORABLE! i love you Lex
Aiyana Soto
massachussetts massachussetts

Peppers (: Peppers (:
Mixed Breed
Peppers (:
She wus my presant for Valenties Day, i LOVE her. She's so Cute, Funny, Active & Friendly. Peppers / Princess : 11 Months <3
Azeelyn Sandoval
texas texas

Lucy Lucy
Mixed Breed
She was a stray someone put out of their car at a park and we took her in. I would like to know what breeds may be in her make-up.
Craig Mueller
USA. Missouri, Fenton USA. Missouri, Fenton

Heidi Heidi
Heidi is a 3 year old, extremely smart Weimaraner. She understands a wide variety of words. She always pays attention when you are talking to her. She loves her favorite humans.
Orlando, Florida Orlando, Florida

Amosmoses Amosmoses
Amos is the BOMB baby.
Famous Amosmoses

Vladimir And Vitali Vladimir And Vitali
Vladimir And Vitali
Vladimir (larger patch over eye) and Vitali are brothers (same litter) and are 2 years old, we adopted them together after they were rescued from a track in Florida.
Steve Pryor
Illinois Illinois

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