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Stella Stella
Labrador Retriever
I would like to say congratulations to my cousin Liv. She has just got a chocolate lab puppie and i wish her well with little Stella.
Olivia And Zoe Mcphie
west yorkshire west yorkshire

Oscar Oscar
Miniature Schnauzer
Hey, it is Oscar and Zoe again. I just want to say, I LOVE MY DOG! !
Zoe Mcphie
Royston,Barnsley,UK Royston,Barnsley,UK

Wyot Wyot
Miscellaneous Breed
Wyot is a very loving Utonagan dog with an excellent temperament and loving nature. If you are feeling under the weather he senses it and will sit next to you and place his head on your lap. When my grand-daughter was learning to walk she would hold onto his mane and he would very gently walk backwards.
Liz C
Lancashire Lancashire

Lola Lola
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
This is Wee Lola, She is 2 yrs old now and she is so so so adorable The most friendliest Staffie I have ever known -x-x-x- She is 7 wks old in this picture -x-x-x-
Belfast,NI Belfast,NI

Oscar Oscar
Miniature Schnauzer
Oscar is a 20 week old Miniature Scnauzer. I am 11 and was begging for a dog since I could speak. I was delighted when my parents announced we could get a dog. So, after months of waiting we found just what we were looking for. Jackie, a very reputable breeder, is responsible for producing my baby Oscar. I love him to pieces.
Royston, England Royston, England

Cracker Cracker
my puppies are funny and so cuite.
Jo Jo Clark
durham,united kingdom durham,united kingdom

Murphy Murphy
German Shepherd Dog
murphy our great big slobber of boy hes now 4 yrs old. a big softie at heart but a good protector to the family
Lynne Sim
Chorley Lancashire Chorley Lancashire

Dakota Dakota
Shiba Inu
This is Dakota our latest pup and she is daughter to toots. She is doing a great job in the show ring. She is now 9 months old.
V Grimmett
England England

Charlie Boy Charlie Boy
American Staffordshire Terrier
Charlie Boy
charlie boy is gorgous i saved him from a dog home i cant belive someone gave him up he is truly my best friend
Katie Duffy
great britian great britian

Mia Mia
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
she loves football shes had 6 now which she pops within seconds, also she has a thing for rat catching. but she's also my little princess
Katie Duffy
great britian great britian

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