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Maggie and Thea Maggie and Thea
Maggie and Thea
This is Maggie and Thea (Amber color)Thea is a rescue and had severe mental and physical scars to overcome but with the love of her step sister Maggie she is much better and as you can see worships her sis.........
Courtney McMillan
California, USA California, USA

Bella Mia Bella Mia
Shih Tzu
Bella Mia
Bella Mia is a one year old shih tzu. She loves playing with her friends (my two cats), eating veggies, and of course sleeping. She has always been there for me. If I'm upset, she's always right there beside me trying to cheer me up.
Katie N
Texas Texas

Bobo & Stormie Bobo & Stormie
Miscellaneous Breed
Bobo & Stormie
I'm Bobo (standing) & my sis Stormie. Were Rat Terriers-cousins of the Jack Russell. Born & bred in the mountains of Denver, CO, we moved in with Mommy Dee & Daddy Ben. Living in California suits our cuteness. We beg very well! Do we get our way? What do you think! Blessings!
Dee Dee & Ben Toney
California, USA California, USA

Lily Glavin Lily Glavin
Labrador Retriever
Lily Glavin
Lily is the happiest dog in the world and is just over a year and a half old. I have never seen a dog so full of life. She is a little gun shy when it comes to hunting, but boy does she love it out in the fields.
Matthew Glavin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Gizmo Gizmo
Labrador Retriever
Not Forgotten
Gizmo was our baby for 13 years and she was a member of the famiy; it was so hard losing her, but she is in a better place. She was such a sweetheart and we miss her so much.
Maria Piccirilli
Indiana Indiana

Bella Coco Chanel Bella Coco Chanel
Mixed Breed
Bella Coco Chanel
Our Bella is a four month old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd puppy that we adopted from a rescue organization here in Indiana, after our 13 year old was put down. She has brought such joy to our family although we are trying to get her to stop biting our hands and face, etc. She is slowly getting better. She is a lot of fun.
Maria Piccirilli
Indiana Indiana

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Guess Who Everybody
Famous Amosmoses

Lilo Mendez Lilo Mendez
Yorkshire Terrier
Lilo Mendez
My dog lilo is very special and very smart. She is. Currently pregnant and waiting to give birth to her litter of pups.
Rodolfo Mendez
IL, chicago heights IL, chicago heights

Stella Stella
Boston Terrier
Stella is a sweet girl. The love of our lives. She is smart, but stubborn at times. She likes to sleep on her favorite blanket on our bed.
R Lee
Johnstown Johnstown

Lacey Lacey
Mixed Breed
Our sweet little girl was rescued from the local pound, where they say that she is part Cocker Spaniel (we sure don't see it). Looking for ideas on what she may be... because of her size/shape we think that she is German Shepherd/Weiner dog! She is extremely intelligent and easy to train. Current weight at 2 1/2 years is 31 pounds. She loves (to eat) birds and bunnies, very muscular and an extremely fast runner. Had a black/pink tongue when a puppy... now mostly black. IDEAS?
Mike B

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