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Photoz of your Friendz - A photo album for the friends of

If you'd like to have your dog on our International Photo Album then you've come to the right place. Getting listed is real simple so go ahead and read on!

It is important that you agree to all of the following information before you submit a photo . Please read through this material so there are no surprises down the road, you'll be glad you did.

Listed below are the steps and conditions to get your dog listed in the "Photoz of your Friendz" section of our website.

1. Photos

     * We reserve the right to reject any photo that we see fit, with no explanation to you.

     * To minimize the possibility of a rejected photo be sure to send us a good quality photo. Photos may be rejected if they are overexposed, underexposed, very poor quality or in any way deemed to be inappropriate by .

   * Only two (2) entries will be accepted per email address with no exceptions. We understand that many of you will have more than two dogs and may have a hard time deciding on only two photos, but we will not make any exceptions to this rule.

     * Be sure that you are completely comfortable with the photo that you submit. By submitting a photo to us you agree to have it posted on our website in the Photoz of your Friendz section. Your photo may be viewed by many hundreds of people; wedo not accept any responsibility for individuals who download photos and use them for their own personal use. We have no way to stop our website visitors from downloading photos from our website.

     * We do not send any photos back to you if they are rejected. We will not use your photos for any other purpose either for our website or any other use. We may keep the photos for archive purposes only.

     * By sending us a photo you agree that you have full ownership of the photo or you have full permission to use the photo for the intended use. We do not accept any photos from clipart and photo cd's or photos which are acquired from any such commercial photo-house.

    * We will not make modifications to your submission once it is published. No changing pictures or changes to the write ups, so make sure you're comfortable with your submission before sending it to us. We will delete your submission from our website with ample written notice.

     * We have the graphics experience to modify photos to improve the quality or to remove background items. We often make modifications to photos to improve their appearance on a computer screen. If you are not happy with any of the alterations that we make to your photo, please let us know and we will gladly remove the photo from our website.

     * We scale all photos down to a maximum width or height of 150 pixels. You may feel free to send us larger photos and we will scale them down for you.

2. Personal Information

    * The information that we collect from you is collected only for the purposes of placing on our website or for contact purposes.

    * The information that you submit to us must be legitimate and accurate . This includes your email address as well as any of the other information that you submit to us. We will reject any submissions that contain false email addresses or any other false information.

   * We may reject your submission if your text is illegible, is in any way offensive or negative, if the sentence structure is very poor, or if it is written in a language other than English. Though you may know what it is you are saying, we have to consider the thousands of visitors who come to everyday.

     * The Photoz of your Friendz section of our website is more than a photo album. We expect all submissions to include a short write-up of some sort. Tell us a little something about your dog and be creative! Tell us a short story, let us know what food your dog likes best, or let us know what his character is like. Blank submissions will not be published so have some fun!

    * We do not publish your email address, but keep it only for contact purposes only.

    * We do not allow any business selling in this section of our website. We've included a field for you to fill out letting us know the name of your breeder/kennel. Apart from that there will be no mention of business, no solicitation, no addresses or phone numbers, no websites and no email addresses.

     * We may remove a photo from our website at any time and without prior notice. We don't notify you when we remove your photo from our website.

    * We may modify any of the conditions on this page at any time and without any prior notice. We may need to add more conditions if we find there is abuse in a particular area.

Please choose one of the following and press the Submit Button .

I agree with the conditions listed on this page.
I do not agree with the conditions listed on this page.

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