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Linking to our site is real simple and involves only a few steps.

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  • Choose the banner that you'd like to place on your website from the selection below.
  • Copy the HTML code that is listed in the box next to the selected banner.
  • Open your HTML document and paste the code in the location that you'd like the banner to appear.

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If you'd like to use this text link: 

Dalmatian pictures, photos, information and free Dog Ecards.

please copy the following html code:

Help Need Help?


Dalmation banner
(234 x 60 pixels


Copy and Paste this code into your web page:

Help Need Help?



Help Need Help? Help
We're here for you.

If you're having problems getting this code into your webpage, we're here to help you . If you send us the information listed below, we will insert the code for you and send you a copy to upload to your server. Simply Email Us with the following information: 

  •  Which banner you'd like on your web page.
  •  Which page on your website you'd like to see the banner on.
  •  Where on the page you'd like to see the banner.

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