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Briards van de Boksenberg (The Netherlands) New Window
The Boksenberg is situated in the heart of Noord Brabant’s nature reserve, an area steeped in beauty and densely populated with indigenous forests.
FairyTale Briards (Pennsylvania, USA) New Window
Our two males Tornado and Rebelle have made our dreams come true and have brought us more than we would have ever hoped for. It has been a fairytale come true, therefore the name of our kennel.
Tosselin Briards (Finland) New Window
The Briards in our family live as full family members and friends, they get to be involved in about everything we do (and every place - including couch & bed). I also love to work with my Briards in different activities and have always found positive training methods and good relationship between dog and owner to be the most effective ones.


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