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Eliteroly's Shar-Pei (Australia) Photo Eliteroly's Shar-Pei (Australia) photo Eliteroly's Shar-Pei (Australia) New Window
All you need for pure breed dogs in Australia including breeders, breed information, profiles, forums, rescue and more.
Porky Pine Chinese Shar Pei (Kansas, USA) Photo Porky Pine Chinese Shar Pei (Kansas, USA) photo Porky Pine Chinese Shar Pei (Kansas, USA) New Window
Porky Pine Chinese Shar-Pei has been producing quality, healthy Shar-Pei since 1988. I am a member of the CSPCA and all of my Shar-Pei are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
Shar-pei de la Dynastie Han (Belgium) Photo Shar-pei de la Dynastie Han (Belgium) photo Shar-pei de la Dynastie Han (Belgium) New Window
Breeding Shar-pei specializing in the colors blue, chocolate, lilac and isabella. St Hubert Pedigree, vaccinated and guaranteed.
Blackwitch Farms Chinese Shar Pei (Michigan, USA) New Window
We breed for a superior Chinese Shar-Pei that is a striking individual, with impeccable bloodlines and sound dispositions.
Chenille (Florida, USA) New Window
My Chinese Shar Pei puppies are selectively bred for good health, as well as temperament (Great with Kids), and show conformation. I specialize in rare colors, large heads, quality coats, and eyes without leaving out breed type.
Margem Hills Shar-Pei (Oregon, USA) New Window
Margem Hills is a champion breeder of Chinese Shar-Pei located in the Pacific Northwest and we have been in existence since 1956.
No Faux Paw (Oregon, USA) New Window
It is our goal to breed Shar-Pei to the standard that are long lived and healthy companions.
Shar-Pei Kennel Chow-Pé's (The Netherlands) New Window
Dutch Shar-Pei breeder. We breed for quality not quantity! Naturally health, personality and beauty are our goals! Our pups are excellently socialized to ensure a good start in their new homes.


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