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... be with me all of mine. 1994-2008 N R KansasCity, MO Basset Hound Sid Sid is now 4 months old and is the most lovable dog. He has ...
Score: 6  -  URL:

... She will be seven yrs. old in Nov. January Eldred Florida Basset Hound Buster Here is my lazy basset. Jonas Karlinsey Idaho Labrador Retriever Tank And Java This ...
Score: 6  -  URL:

... Scooter is the active one and loves his toys. Hannah Turner-Evans UK Basset Hound Rocky Rocky was born in November, 2003. He loves toilet paper, the garbage ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

... and we love him SO much !!! Mary M. Illinois, USA Basset Hound Bo a gogo This is Bo. He loves everthing from digging to swimming but he ...
Score: 6  -  URL:

... I have really enjoyed having her as a pet. Mary Chamberlain USA Basset Hound Koki She's so cute! She's a pure breed Basset Hound" BUT" she looks ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... enjoy the heat up to+40C. Michael Markman New York USA Basset Hound Alice She thinks she is human. She has her own pillow & blanket. She ...
Score: 4  -  URL:

... . I LOVE MY HUSKY !! :) Jazmin A. Florida, USA Basset Hound ClemBob, RoseMarie, GoldaMyEar My Basset Brigade gets lots of ooo's and ahhh's on our ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... local elementary school and having the kids pet them! Bethany Wilhelm USA Basset Hound Harry the Hound Harry the Happy Hound !! Mira Natassja Malaysia Shiba Inu Sato My name ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

... ) and she was 10 years old. Cagri Ayranci Ottawa, Canada Basset Hound Charlie Charlie is a sweet, big baby who loves getting into mischief and such. ...
Score: 6  -  URL:

... center of attention! Just gotta love her! LOL Shelly D Wisconsin Basset Hound Zola I am almost human. I have a Basset and a Daschhound brother and two ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

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