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... Alaskan Malamute Australian Cattle Dog Australia Australian Terrier Silky Terrier Belgian Malinois Belgium Belgian Sheepdog Belgian Tervuren Bouvier des Flandres Brussels Griffon Schipperke Belgium and England Bloodhound Border of Scotland & ...
Score: 14  -  URL:

... Bearded Collie Briard Pembroke Welsh Corgi Belgian Malinois Canaan Dog Polish Lowland Sheepdog Belgian Sheepdog Cardigan Welsh Corgi Puli Belgian Tervuren Collie Shetland Sheepdog Hound Group View Latest Photos-Mixed ...
Score: 14  -  URL:

... 493 Beagle MiMO Times Sent: 1860 Beagle Cooper Times Sent: 2818 Belgian Sheepdog Ceres Balou Times Sent: 42 Belgian Sheepdog Ceres Balou Times Sent: 37 Belgian Sheepdog ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... Rose U.S.A Pembroke Welsh Corgi Morgan 12 years old. T W USA Belgian Sheepdog Sirius Black Faithful companion C W USA Belgian Sheepdog Sirius Black He is our beautiful and ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... Hound 102 Beagle 112 Bearded Collie 11 Bedlington Terrier 1 Belgian Malinois 20 Belgian Sheepdog 5 Bernese Mountain Dog 17 Bichon Frise 39 Black and Tan Coonhound 2 Black Russian Terrier ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

... 119 Bedlington Terrier Times Sent: 17 Bedlington Terrier Times Sent: 30 Belgian Sheepdog Times Sent: 81 Belgian Sheepdog Times Sent: 108 | Previous Page | Next Page ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... 100 Records 91 to 100 of 1000 Photos 91 to 100 of 1000 Belgian Sheepdog Sirius Black Faithful companion C W USA Belgian Sheepdog Sirius Black He is our beautiful and ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... of the lovable dogs we ever had. Ma. Angela Reyes Philippines Belgian Sheepdog Magnum my was shot to his left chest by an air gun that why i call ...
Score: 6  -  URL:

... black dogs originally from Belgium, probably bred down from the now extinct Belgian sheepdog. In the 1700's, only wealthy people and royalty owned large dogs, so the ...
Score: 4  -  URL:

... months old and he's my little baby. Holly P. New Zealand Belgian Sheepdog Leo Hmm .well my dog LEO loves me alot in my whole family. He likes ...
Score: 4  -  URL:

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