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... Russell Terrier Molly molly and the christmas star Paul White uk Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bella & Sophie Two soppy Cavaliers living in Kemp Town, Brighton, UK David Ashman ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

... not many chihuahua are this color. Amanda Hope United States Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Franklin Franklin was abused when he was nine weeks old. Ethan Healey Usa Mixed Breed ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

... He says a big hello to everyone. Neil Rawlings British Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Todd This is Todd. He is 2 and is a very special dog to me ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

... always keeps us laughing at her antics. L Goffstein USA Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lady Diana (black & tan) and Sir Spencer (tri-color) Spencer was our ...
Score: 10  -  URL:

... I'm very curious to figure him out. Karen Fitzgerald USA Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Yoyo Little silly sassy girl. Ashner Chen Singapore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Haley Mae Haley Mae ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... rotten! His own chair of course. Teri Walsh USA Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Frodo Frodo is a very sweet dog, who is constantly licking our faces and snuggling ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... will turn two years old this year. Noriko DJ Philippines Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Kendel and Ariel I have a boy and girl CKC pet and they are wonderful companions ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... the animal shelter around our area Caroline Hall Kalamazoo, MI Cavalier King Charles Spaniel K.C k. c loved going for walkes with me down the river bank he didnt ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... Times Sent: 93 Cairn Terrier Happy Times Sent: 224 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lady Times Sent: 1606 Chesapeake Bay Retriever Hunter Times Sent: 114 Chihuahua Heuser Times ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

... I love my little man! E M Saskatchewan, Canada Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Shelby Shelby is a great little dog and has brought so much to my life. ...
Score: 8  -  URL:

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