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... every time she gets a drink of water. Jill C. USA Jack Russell Terrier Trough feeding This is Sneakers, Loopy, & Peabody, all Jack Russells, ...
Score: 14  -  URL:

... awaiting her first litter of puppies:). Krista Madden United Kingdom Jack Russell Terrier Scruffy and Snowy Scruffy and Snowy, two Jacks who like hanging out together. ...
Score: 14  -  URL:

... He is allways alert. and very active. Edmund Francis Arlos Phillpines Jack Russell Terrier Little Jack His so sweet fun to be with and lovely dog. Gary / ...
Score: 14  -  URL:

... is also a mama's girl who loves to cuddle. Caralyn G USA Jack Russell Terrier Holly Hi this is Holly our new Jack Russell pup. After losing Susie our ...
Score: 14  -  URL:

... Dogs Need Good Food Too-Your Guide To Your Dog's Diet by Jack Russell Dogs ' nutritional needs may differ from ours. What we deem as healthy for us ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... has been the best dog and he LOVES Santa! Kelly Fischer USA Jack Russell Terrier Jack This is Jack. He was born Feb. 2006. He loves the ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... and grunts when he's getting tummy scratches. Dallas B Alberta, Canada Jack Russell Terrier Abigail Rose Bondy This is Abigail Rose Bondy. She is only 4 years old ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... park and trying to beat up on Mastiffs Tia Gordon Delaware, USA Jack Russell Terrier Baby I love my dog. She is my best friend and footwarmer. She ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... your better judgement. Go Back Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Assistance Dogs by Jack Russell Dogs, aside from being his best friend has also served man in so many useful ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

... 220 Greyhound Times Sent: 402 Havanese Couch Potato Times Sent: 104 Jack Russell Terrier Buddy Times Sent: 340 Jack Russell Terrier Winston Times Sent: 182 Jack Russell ...
Score: 12  -  URL:

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