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... Bloodhound Border of Scotland & England Border Terrier Dandie Dinmont Terrier Labrador Retriever Canada Newfoundland Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Central Europe Poodle (Toy) Chinese Crested Dog China Chinese ...
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... Stephanie Bayliss BREED FOCUS-Labrador Retriever History Labradors originated from the coast of Newfoundland in the 17 th Century. They were trained by fishermen, to collect the nets ...
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... love of water, some believe that later, the smaller St. John's Newfoundland also may have played a part in the evolution of this breed. Physical Characteristics General ...
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... she is soo cute and i love her to bits! Nicole Fraser Scotland Newfoundland Nero This is Nero, my 7 year old Newfie. His two best friends are ...
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... 12 lbs. He is the king of the house now. Heather Cornick Newfoundland, Canada Shih Tzu Harrison & Lenny Harrison & Lenny are brothers that are 5 years ...
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... As a thank you, the sailors gave a local dog lover two rescued Newfoundland puppies whose names were Sailor and Canton. These dogs were bred with local varieties, ...
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... Labrador Retriever's history goes back hundreds of years to the city of St.John's, Newfoundland in Canada.Interestingly enough, the Labrador Retriever didn't originate in Labrador, which is in fact ...
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... | Lhasa Apso | Maltese | Mastiff | Miniature Pinscher | Miniature Schnauzer | Newfoundland | Norwegian Elkhound | Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever | Old English Sheepdog | Papillon | ...
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... She lives with her two Yorkie friends, Molly and Keisha! Tracey Power Newfoundland, Canada Yorkshire Terrier Brooklyn Hey once again. I'm now 4 months and in to ...
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... Winkle (Keisha's daughter) who is pictured on here too! Tracey Power Newfoundland, Canada Yorkshire Terrier Charlie Charlie is a cute, heartwarming, loving dog. He ...
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