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AnswerDear Zena,
I never had a dog and am looking for someone to help me choose the right breed for my small apartment life.

Adil (USA)


Dear Adil,

When choosing a breed of dog, it is very important that you take an honest look at your lifestyle. Are you an active person who would be willing to walk your dog everyday? How many times a day? How far or how long could you walk everyday? Are you a runner? Are you a busy person, how much time will your dog be spending alone? Do you have allergies? Do close friends or family members have allergies? Does dog hair bother you? What about grooming? Are you willing to learn how to groom your dog, or will you want to pay a groomer to do that job?

There are many breeds that are suitable for first time dog owners who don't have the experience to deal with some of the more dominant breeds. Some breeds are more likely to act as guard dogs, and with that attitude comes responsibility on the part of the owner.

Since you are living in an apartment it may be more appropriate to have a smaller dog, although some of the large breeds can adapt to apartment life as well. As an apartment dweller you may want to consider the breeds that are not identified as problem barkers. Some breeds tend to bark more than others.

Once you have decided on a few breeds, try to talk to some people who live with these breeds. You can get in touch with breed clubs to see if they can suggest some people to talk to. Be a critical thinker though and remember that people will always say their breed is the best. Look for honest answers to your questions. Researching a breed is always the best way to go about introducing a dog into your life.

Zena and Zippy


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