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Ask Zena - Zena answersz your dog questionz

Ask Zena your dog-related questions

When Zena and her dog Zippy aren't going for walks, they're hard at work answering your dog-related questions.

Go ahead and submit your question today, and who knows - when Zena comes back from her walk she might just answer your question.

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Zena answers your questions

I'm currently living in Australia and planning to go to Canada for three weeks. My dog is a Staffy cross Lab/Boxer who is 20 weeks old. I am leaving him with a friend who owns two dogs.

My dog and I have a wonderful relationship, but I fear that when I get back that he will not remember me or may not want to leave the other dogs. Is this an unfounded fear?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Alicja (Canada)


Zena answers your questions

I have a 5 month old Retriever/Red Heeler mix. We have been crate training him and he stays "dry" in the crate all night and goes outside during the day but several times he has gone pee in a corner of our house. I have heard that you can't discipline a dog unless you catch them in the act. How do we train him to go pee outside?

Craig (Arkansas)


Zena answers your questions

I have a 2 yr. old Tibetan dog named Pandy and she scared me to death today... She looked like she was going to vomit and poop at the same time. Her back legs were like those of a rag doll, she was shaking and looking pretty bad. Pandy vomited three times and after that she seemed to be better.

She eats everything in sight. Could this have been the reason or should I take her in to the vet tomorrow? What kind of illnesses can a Tibetan Spaniel have?

Jaklinebt (Originally from Spain, Living in USA)


Zena answers your questions

I am planning on getting an Akita puppy. This is my favorite dog breed and I believe I am well suited to have this dog as a pet. The only problem is, I live in Florida. We have an extremely hot climate with lots of humidity here in Florida and I am worried that an Akita would not be able to adapt to such a climate. Of course he will live in the house with me, not outdoors. So do you think I would be able to have an Akita in Florida? I'd appreciate it if you can help me out, thank you.

Sanad (Florida)


Zena answers your questions

My Siberian Husky often runs away from home. He will usually get tired and try to find his way home, but by that time he is usually too far away. When we get in the car to bring him home he keeps on running and thinks it's a game.

How can we train him to stay in the yard and not run away? How about using the electric fence or bark collars with the lemon spray. I don't want to hurt him but are these methods bad for him?

Tyler C. (Utah)


Zena answers your questions

I never had a dog and am looking for someone to help me choose the right breed for my small apartment life.

Adil (USA)


Zena answers your questions

Our old dog got killed in a car crash and now my other dog is lonely. Mom has been talking about getting another dog for weeks now,but she hasn't done anything about. I've been sending her eCards and suggesting that I want a Samoyed. She doesn't get it. What should I do?

Akira (USA)


Zena answers your questions

Are there any sled related activities for Alaskan Malamutes if you only have one? Most of the activities that I have read about include at least two or more dogs and I only own one.

Jessica Clarke (Indiana)


Zena answers your questions

Would it be ok to leave a Norfolk Terrier on its own for about 8 hours everyday? He would have the garden which is very big, and he would have a warm room to stay in so he could go in and out all day until we got home?

Emily (Wales)


Zena answers your questions

My German Shepherd puppy has recently been diagnosed with Epilepsy, is it still possible to breed from him?

Holly (Milton Keynes, England)



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