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Ask Zena - Zena answersz your dog questionz

Ask Zena your dog-related questions

When Zena and her dog Zippy aren't going for walks, they're hard at work answering your dog-related questions.

Go ahead and submit your question today, and who knows - when Zena comes back from her walk she might just answer your question.

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Zena answers your questions

I am getting a Chinese Crested. Is there any way I will be able to know its weight and whether it will have spots or not? Do they make a good guard dog and are they are good with children?



Zena answers your questions

My Chihuahua puppy, Lily, has been very hard to potty train. Are Chihuahua's hard to potty train?

Ashlee (Michigan, USA)


Zena answers your questions

Is there a purpose for the ridge on a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Kahlo (Appleton, Wisconsin)


Zena answers your questions

My family wants a Yorkshire Terrier after our West Highland White Terrier passes away. Do Yorkies shed and how much would a male or female cost?




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