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Kobe Kobe
Australian Shepherd
Kobe is an amazing smart, loving, loyal, crazy dog. He loves the rain and being wet. We have a stream that runs next to our home that we have to pull him out of on a daily basis. Kobe follows me and my brother everywhere. His only desire is to be close as possible at all times. He also loves running and chasing our cars. He also has what we call his "creepy grin". When one of us come home from work he smiles and shows his teeth. He did this to one of my brothers patients and and she asked if he has rabies. ha. He is just amazing and the most beautiful dog inside and out!
Joshua Sunanday
Allenwood, Pennsylvania, USA Allenwood, Pennsylvania, USA

Matteo Matteo
Australian Shepherd
matteo was an abused dog that i rescued. he is 1 year old and living the good life now.
Rosalie Pagano

Nakota Nakota
Australian Shepherd
Great companion! Nakota was 1 of 10 pups in the litter. I had sold her & all the other puppies when very soon after I lost her mother (Caddy) to cancer. I was heart-broken! The man who purchased Nakota heard the sad news & gave Nakota back to me! Wow! What a gift! She loves swimming in the pool, riding in the truck and most of all - being my protector (which she is very good). I fear nothing when I have my friend by my side, which is all the time!
Karyn K
Texas Texas

Sam Sam
Australian Shepherd
Winter Joy
Randy Mays

Lili Lili
Australian Shepherd
Lili is a rescue dog that has been given a wonderful home! She loves to patrol her backyard and loves to play with her football!
Michal Socha
New Jersey New Jersey

Hobie Hobie
Australian Shepherd
Very hyperactive little angel who loves to play and follow the family around.
Ron Birtch
United States United States

Jackson Jackson
Australian Shepherd
jackson is such a great dog! he is very sweet and smart.and for his size,he is REALLY strong! he gets along great with other dogs,and i love him so much!
Kaylee Oiler
u.s.a u.s.a

Caddy Caddy
Australian Shepherd
Caddy is a amazing friend with the most lovable personality! She is slightly hard-headed (like her owner) but it very smart and adds a lot of joy to my life. She loves riding in the car, swimming, frisbee, herding cattle, or anything else she thinks needs to be herded.
Karyn K

Julia Julia
Australian Shepherd
She is a very nice dog! She is very protective and will bark at anyone she does not know! This dog is not up for adoption so dont even try it!
Shannon Cimoglio
Usa Usa

Revelaire Legendary Tale Revelaire Legendary Tale
Australian Shepherd
Revelaire Legendary Tale
Troy is a very nice aussie. We have been training in Agility, Conformation and Junior Handling. Troy went to Nationals in September and placed 1st,2nd, and third in his classes. He has also taken best of breed puppy at a show! Troy is a fun loving smart boy and I can't wait until he grows up!
A Carter
Usa Usa

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