26 New Zealand Dog Photos
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Titan Cdx Titan Cdx
German Shepherd Dog
Not Forgotten
Titan Cdx
Titan was an ex-operational police dog in New Zealand but was injured on duty and came to live with me as a pet. I will never forget any of my twelve other GSDs, but Titan was that "special" dog. We all have one. He was mine.
Jackie T
Whangaparaoa Whangaparaoa

Rockey Rockey
Rockey's the world's best dog! He's 18 months old, and just great with my kids! World's best guard dog.
Jb Jb
New Zealand New Zealand

Mindy Mindy
Mixed Breed
Simply the BEST!
Megan I
Southland Southland

Bear Bear
Siberian Husky
Peeka-Boo: This is Bear, he is a purebred Siberian Husky (Isabella white). Bear is a fun-loving curious dog, and believe it or not he is only 6 months old, born on May 25th 2009. We bred him ourselves, so he has been at this home ever since he was born. Bear is a good boy and I thought posting a picture of him will show everyone who he is.
Ashlee M
Taranaki Taranaki

Alfie Alfie
Brussels Griffon
Alfie is my super cute, super tiny brussels griffon. My baby, part of the family and truly the best thing that ever happened to me and my partner. We love him immensely and even though he is only 5 months old we couldn't imagine our lives without all 1.2kgs of him!
Bryony Robinson
Wellington Wellington

Shilo Shilo
Mixed Breed
My dog Shilo is a 5 year old maltese cross shih-tzu. Shes a fairly shy dog when it comes to meeting new people but she is also a very loud dog and barks at everything from rubbish bins to curtains being blown by the wind. She has been in our family since she was just 6 weeks old and every moment has been wonderful. If your upset or had a hard day shilo knows it and she will come and sit next to you and look up into your eyes and it just makes you smile.
Tegan Scothorne
New Zealand New Zealand

Roy Roy
Mixed Breed
Roy is a bernese mountain dog x german shepherd. He is great with our three kids and is very sweet. Loves the water to cool down.
Moon Kuij
New Zealand New Zealand

Chewy And Boomer Chewy And Boomer
Chewy And Boomer
They are our babys. We love them so much.
Maggie Gareth
New Zealand New Zealand

Chewy and Boomer Chewy and Boomer
Chewy and Boomer
Chewy and Boomer are very funny and kind dogs.We love them so much. just got new clothes for them. They are so cute.
Icecoco Maggie
New Zealand New Zealand

Molly Molly
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Not Forgotten
This is my Molly. She came to me after being used as a breeding machine,poor girl. Molly was part of a trio of babies I had. There was Bobby who is the only surviving member he is also a Cav, then Shadow an Affenpinscher, all of whom have their photos here. Molly was a beautiful girl who loved life even though she was quite ill. She loved cuddles and lay on her back like a baby for tummy rubs. She loved Schmackos and loved to protect my handbag when they were in it. Everyone who met her loved her.I miss you Molly.
Sue Lonquist
New Zealand New Zealand

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