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Mondo Mondo
Bull Terrier
We rescued him. We hav had him for about 2 mounths. he is only a puppy at 11 months old. he is a big boy. he is white with a few black spots. i love him!
Bailey Crampton
Australia Australia

Rodney Rodney
Bull Terrier
My name is Morgan, I'm 6 years old. Rodney is my best friend in the world. He's very gentle to me he's very funny too. He is a good boy. Please put a picture of my dog on the web. Thanks love Morgan.
Morgan Davies
England England

Noa Noa
Bull Terrier
Not Forgotten
She's very friendly!
Sandra Gonzalez
Spain Spain

Dozer, Darci and Dani Dozer, Darci and Dani
Bull Terrier
Dozer, Darci and Dani
Dozer, Darci, Dani are all AKC show conformation Bull Terriers, Dozer and Darci are AKC champions. Dozer(front) also has an Rally obed. title and is an active Therapy Dog.
T and G Troy
Connecticut, USA Connecticut, USA

Gina Gina
Bull Terrier
First of all Gina is a purebred girl, she has won many shows and I think she is very pretty! I haven't put the kennel name for a reason and we also have her cousin Ruby.
Lana P
Australia Australia

Geno Geno
Bull Terrier
Geno is a 1 year old Bull Terrier. He loves to dress up and play with children. Geno is very silly and will do crazy things. He is very independent, but has a loving personality.
T Harper

Izzy and Ozzy Izzy and Ozzy
Bull Terrier
Izzy and Ozzy
My babies Izzy and Ozzy are just the friendliest dogs, and are always up for a play! I love them to bits!
Vicki Chance
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Poo Bear Poo Bear
Bull Terrier
Poo Bear
Poo Bear is 4 years old this week and he is the most loving dog ever. He loves his little sister (Jersie Girl) and he loves to make friends with anything and he is so determined even if he gets injured.
Amber Hull
Hayesville, NC Hayesville, NC

Lita Lita
Bull Terrier
She is so fun and full of life. She was my 6 year wedding anniversary gift! She is a joy to have in our family.
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Lincoln Lincoln
Bull Terrier
Lincoln is my 3rd Bull Terrier...he is a complete clown. He keeps me on my toes, but also keeps me smiling all day long!
Erin Tucker

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