25 English Springer Spaniel Photos
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Loco 'Cocoa' Comet Loco 'Cocoa' Comet
English Springer Spaniel
Loco 'Cocoa' Comet
Cocoa is a wonderful dog. We got her as a puppy and have been amazed ever since. She is very talented. She can climb up ladders and loves to catch balls and treats. She has been a great addition to our family. She loves to camp with us and is very friendly.
K Shaulis

Chelsea Chelsea
English Springer Spaniel
Not Forgotten
She was our sweetheart. She recently passed away but she will always be in our hearts. Her brothers, KODI AND SPARKY, miss her very much. She was the alpha dog.. the big momma. She was a little overweight and loved food. I snuck her cheese and eggs all of the time. She is such a beauty!
Rachel K
Ohio, Usa Ohio, Usa

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
English Springer Spaniel
Happy Birthday
Ginger has a birthday party every year since we got her from rescue. She loves her hats!
Ginger Peachy Pye
Colorado, Usa Colorado, Usa

Rocky Rocky
English Springer Spaniel
Rocky says, "After while crocodile," as he awaits another toss of his favorite tennis ball.
K.K. G.
Usa Usa

Trigger Trigger
English Springer Spaniel
Trigger has the most energy I have ever seen, even for a Springer. He is most definitely the best looking dog I have ever seen, every one says so. He is the most loyal and loving dog I could have wished for. The best looking most handsome dog ever.
Steven Rennie
Scotland Scotland

Max Max
English Springer Spaniel
Max is an extremely lively and energetic 7 month Old English Springer. His bad points are however over shadowed by the good. Not in the good books at the moment as he has just ate my TV remote!! But we still love him none the less.
Steve Thomas
England England

Barney Barney
English Springer Spaniel
Barney is a 3 month old liver and white English Springer Spaniel. He is very nosey, playful and a food monster. He loves playing and would all day if I would let him. He loves to cuddle up with his mum and dad. He brings us so much joy, we love him dearly.
Kelly Mowatt

Freddie Freddie
English Springer Spaniel
Freddie is 'Young & Restless'.
Ana Maria
Romania Romania

Sexy Springers Sexy Springers
English Springer Spaniel
Sexy Springers
Sophie and Chaucer are both rescue Springers. They are wonderful dogs and I've seen them go from the uncared for, under-appreciated dogs they were in the shelter to the vibrant and beautiful dogs they are today. I thank my lucky stars each day that God sent Sophie and Chaucer my way!
Sylvia Donaldson

Sammy 2 Sammy 2
English Springer Spaniel
Sammy 2
Sam's about 7 months old now and is a lot more well-behaved! We got him a new bed, sometimes he sleeps on it, and sometimes he bites it. He has also chewed his nyla-dinosaur's head off and hopes to get some more durable toys soon. On Christmas, he promptly bit off his new alien's head, ripped the tail off his new fish, and made a hole in his new bone pillow. Soon, Sammy will start obedience training! We all love him lots!
Lianna Valdes

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