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Rosey Rosey
Great Dane
my dog is one of our family member.. it guard well.. its plays with us and its still 9 month.. we love our dog. So much
Mark Kambli
Gadag in Karnataka Gadag in Karnataka

Tobias Tobias
Great Dane
Tobias is an 11 week old Fawn dane. He is so lazy, he loves to just lay around on the couch and chew on his bone.
Alisia Thomas
Minnesota, USA Minnesota, USA

Sebastian Sebastian
Great Dane
A perfect example of breed, type and character of the breed.
Jmc M

Scooby Doo Scooby Doo
Great Dane
Scooby Doo
This is my baby Scooby. He is 3 yrs old and my very best friend. He came to into my life when I was down and out and has given me comfort during some very hard times. I spoil him rotten because he deserves it!
Jennifer F
Texas, USA Texas, USA

Pancakes Pancakes
Great Dane
He is 9 months old. He is a Fawnequin. He loves ice cream, showers and playing catch. He weighs 120# and is 36" tall! This is a picture of me before I had my hair done.
Denise Gregory

Leo Leo
Great Dane
This is Leo again, he's gonna be 3 soon. He loves to eat raw veges straight out of the farm. Carrots happen to be his favourite!
Deipna Singh
India India

Danna Danna
Great Dane
My name is Dana, I love the finer things in life. I love to play on my skate board. I use my looks to get my way, hey you can't blame a girl for trying!!
Rush Kennels
Usa Usa

Liebendane Ralph Lauren ' Polo' Liebendane Ralph Lauren ' Polo'
Great Dane
Liebendane Ralph Lauren ' Polo'
Polo is yet another spoilt member of my family who likes nothing better then going camping in the wild bush country of Australia and charming anyone he meets.
Barry Vivian
Australia Australia

Sadie Sadie
Great Dane
Sadie is a fawn great dane. She is sometimes a coward but she is brave and a suck up. She is very protective and trust worthy. She is the mother of two litters we had in the past. Her reasent litter was 16 weeks ago. Sadie will treat any puppy as her own and she is the whole families baby.
Mallory Shick
Usa Usa

Gypsy Gypsy
Great Dane
This is my Great Dane Gypsy. She is great. She has a wonderful temperament and loves everybody. She is my small baby!!!!
Sai Babu Pillarsetty
India India

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