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Bella Bella
English Cocker Spaniel
Bella is 4 years old and very friendly.
Angela Tubby

Cody Cody
English Cocker Spaniel
Cody is 11 months old and is a very friendly dog. His wonderful personality and playful spirit are a joy to our family.
Judy L.
Canada Canada

Oreo Oreo
English Cocker Spaniel
She is just 3 years old, have had her since she was 12 weeks. She is SO personable.. my bestest friend. Very smart, patient and has a personality of a toddler...very entertaining!
Bobbi Ridgway

Athos Athos
English Cocker Spaniel
He's a very active dog, with a strong temper. Now he participates in some shows with very good results, so I'm happy.
Francisca Abrahams

Gator Gator
English Cocker Spaniel
Gator is four years old, and was born in Thailand. He has a very unique personality! He likes for us to get geckos off the wall so he can play with them, and eventually eat them. He especially likes to play tackle with my brother Ben, and he's a great basketball player!
Hannah Melancon
Thailand Thailand

Lexigirl Lexigirl
English Cocker Spaniel
This is Lexigirl, my 3 year old English Cocker. I rescued her from an abusive family and she has thrived ever since!
J. H.

Puppies Puppies
English Cocker Spaniel
These puppies' dad is a Champion in Obedience. Their mother can jump anything under 3-4 ft high. They are easy to train & are the cutest puppies.
Bri Kulsrud
Washington, USA Washington, USA

Mitch Mitch
English Cocker Spaniel
Mitch is 2 1/2 years old and his mission in life is to play as much ball as he can. This is not a game to him- it is his job; he takes it very seriously! Mitch is very smart and lovable. Cocker Spaniels make wonderful, clean pets!
Andrea Selke
Pennsylvania, PA - USA Pennsylvania, PA - USA

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