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Freddie Freddie
English Springer Spaniel
Freddie is 'Young & Restless'.
Ana Maria
Romania Romania

Tazz Tazz
Tazz is a member of our family and he is very special to us. He has a lot of energy and he is always very happy to see you even if he didn't meet you before. Tazz has a very big personality, maybe because he was raised like a child and he was very spoiled.
Ionutz Beleiu
Romania Romania

Pookie Pookie
The most....dog ever.
Catalin Nastase
Romania Romania

Ivan Ivan
Basset Hound
He's the most lazy and loving and caring dog I have ever had and he can sing...sort of.
Sandra Je
Romania Romania

Max Max
Chow Chow
Little Max changed our life completely. Stubborn, proud but so loving and lazy, very balanced and cute. Like any dog lover: my baby is great. I adore his snoring and his face when he begs for yoghurt.
Ramona M
Romania Romania

Zitta Zitta
Miniature Pinscher
Not Forgotten
Zitta was our little treasure for 13 years (01.03.1991 - 14.11.2004), she will live in our hearts forever. She was more than just a wonderful dog, she acted almost human most of the time. May God watch upon her warm and tender soul... She really made the world a brighter place when she was around...
Laurian Diaconescu
Romania Romania

Amira Amira
Great Dane
I want to say that I just love my Harlequin Great Dane. I think she is the smartest dog ever. She is almost 9 years old and still very young at heart. She is filling our hearts with joy and pride every day. I think I love her too much and I don't know what I would do without her. She's my baby!
Nicco R.
Romania Romania

Suzy Suzy
Shih Tzu
Not Forgotten
I've been surrounded by dogs ever since I was born. My parents owned a German Shepherd (Roly), then there was a Pointer (Karina) and an Irish Setter (Thommy), but the most precious dog I've ever had is SUZY. The most beautiful, kind and loving little Shih-Tzu in the world. Unfortunately, Suzy passed away last year, after 7 devoted years behind me. These lines are particularly dedicated to her, with all my love... I'll never forget you, Suzy!...
Liza Albert
Romania Romania

Tano Tano
Miniature Pinscher
He seems to be an endless source of energy! He is never tired! The more exercise he makes, the less tiredness he shows! His favorite food is vegetables! If he doesn't feel guilty, but I'm furious about something he's done, he keeps one ear up and the other (on my side) down! No dog scares him on his territory! It is so funny to see a small Min Pin barking and trying to send out of his territory a German Shepherd!
Mady B.
Romania Romania

Kara and Sasha Kara and Sasha
Golden Retriever
Kara and Sasha
Kara and Sasha.
Simona Damian
Romania Romania

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