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Spotty Spotty
I am still young, I'm 5 years old and love my dog very much!
Gerda Thiart
South Africa South Africa

Xena Xena
Siberian Husky
she is 2 years old and has been aboted by my self and my wife she also has had 5 puppies already.and is the most intg.dog
A A Herbst

Terry Terry
my dog understands each and every word i say
Karin Nicholson
south africa south africa

Thundra Thundra
Siberian Husky
Not Forgotten
I owned alot f dogs in my live but never had an one that is so close to human
Bianca1 Wehmeyer
South Africa South Africa

Duncan Duncan
Siberian Husky
Duncan is 2 years old. Loves attention and loves to return it. He greeds people with a nice howl as they enter the front door. Loves to walk, especially in the woods.
Johan Nieuoudt
South Africa South Africa

Karools Karools
Fox Terrier (Wire)
This is our smallest edition to our family. He was left to die in our front yard. My parents picked him up and pampered him. They thought he was not going to make it. He is a lovely dog with alot of energy.
Ilanda Diener
South Africa South Africa

Cindy Cindy
Poodle (Miniature)
Not Forgotten
She died about 3 year ago. I was very sad especially becuase I was in the UK and not there. She was fun loving and very sweet. I miss her alot!!!
Ilanda Diener
South Africa South Africa

Fabian Fabian
Siberian Husky
This is my Baby. He is living with my Parents in South Africa while I am in England.
Ilanda Diener
South Africa South Africa

Emerie Emerie
Belgian Malinois
Dynamite comes in small packages, this is exactly like Emerie. She is absolutely gorgeous and so sweet. She is a police girl and now only 2 years old. If she doesn't like somebody, she will let him know. She has got such a personality, but we love her so much!
Whag W
South Africa South Africa

Lady Lady
German Shepherd Dog
'Lady is 12 years old, and such a loving creature. She was a hard working girl, never scared of anything and always wide awake. She went on 'pension' about a year ago, and is really enjoying her relaxing and quiet retirement. She is a real lady in all senses of the word. When she looks at you, she just steals your heart. We love her soooo much!!
Allie H
CT, South Africa CT, South Africa

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