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Guiness Guiness
American Cocker Spaniel
Guiness is a sweet boy who goes to work with both his mom and dad several days a week.
Erin Phillips

Vix Vix
American Cocker Spaniel
This is my little Vix. She is a wonderful baby girl. 8 months old in this pictures, her beautiful eyes keep her out of a lot of trouble!
D. Casanova

Buffy Buffy
American Cocker Spaniel
Buffy loves the camera and of course the spotlight that comes with it. This photo was taken not too long ago at age 10. She is the sweetest thing on four legs!
Dino P.

Ruby Ruby
American Cocker Spaniel
Ruby is the sweetest thing and knows it. She gets whatever she wants by looking at you with those sweet eyes. She is our baby.
Jami Pereira

Coco Moka Candy Coco Moka Candy
American Cocker Spaniel
Coco Moka Candy
My dog Coco is 4 months old in this picture.
Alicia B.

Pups Pups
American Cocker Spaniel
These puppies are great company. They are not messy, they are very obedient & are very lovable. Their dad is a Champion in Obedience..... Their mother is a great jumper, she can jump anything under 3ft. They are adorable and I would recommend them to anyone.
BriAnna K.
Washington, USA Washington, USA

Brody & Rigley Brody & Rigley
American Cocker Spaniel
Brody & Rigley
These dogs are my little boys. They are registered American Cocker Spaniel brothers. My roomate and I each got one! They are best friends and play together all day long. They are now 6 months old and were 16 weeks in the picture.
Michael Bo

Shadow Shadow
American Cocker Spaniel
This is Shadow, a 8 year old Cocker Spaniel. She likes to play with her ball and run around. She also likes to play with her Brussel Griffon friends.
Lisa W.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Bootsie Naughty Shadow Bootsie Naughty Shadow
American Cocker Spaniel
Bootsie Naughty Shadow
Bootsie was adopted from a local animal shelter not long after I relocated to a new city. In the photo she's 10 months old and she's been nothing but j-o-y since she moved in w/me. We're forever friends!
Kimberly Adams

Bailey Bailey
American Cocker Spaniel
6 years old and loves the camera!!
April Gee
Texas, USA Texas, USA

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