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Disney Disney
This is my dog Disney. He's a 3 year old dalmatian who we love dearly. He's the most wonderful companion anyone could ask for. He's also a great guard dog, and very much a clown. His best friend is Tigger the orange tabby cat.
Natalie Mallette
Canada Canada

Blaze Blaze
Blaze loves to lick people through day and night. Blaze also loves to play with his favorite toy, an octopus.
New York, USA New York, USA

Barney Barney
My dog's name is Barney. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he is now 2 1/2. He is the most cheekiest dog I have ever known. He is not allowed on the beds so he waits till we have gone out and runs straight upstairs. He loves chasing our 3 cats and loves going for long walks in the park where he can play with his friend Millow. I would never be without Barney, he is great fun yet very loving. I think he deserves a 10/10 for being the best dog :o)
Beccy Sexton

Poto Poto
Poto (named after "Phantom Of The Opera" for his distinctive face coloring) is a miniature Dalmatian. He weighs in at 15 lbs and is 2 1/2 years old. He's very much a lap dog, very playful & affectionate.
Sharon H.
Texas, USA Texas, USA

Spotty Girl Spotty Girl
Spotty Girl
Spotty is a rescued female Dalmatian we came across in a back yard in the city. She was neglected, flea and parasite ridden. Extremely underweight, her pads badly burned and torn and front teeth and canines ground down to nothing and shattered. So we snatched her up and started her on the road to recovery. She is now very happy and emotionally close to the two Standard Poodles and lives well here in our country home. She is around 7 years old by what the vet guesses and will live here life out here with us and the Poodles and a Yorkie.
Karri Dey

Dolly Dolly
Not Forgotten
Dolly was one fantastic dog!! She loved to run and play, and to have her belly rubbed. She was a great watch dog and the greatest friend. Though she was stubborn and had a mischievous flare, Dolly was always close to my heart and forever will be.
Tracy D.

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