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Mia Mia
Miscellaneous Breed
MAMA MIA! Is she the most beautiful Olde English Bulldog that you have ever seen! She was our foster dog who we reluctantly placed with a woman who 3 months later returned her saying "We are getting a rabbit!" Well we were glad because we got our Mia back! Anyone who is looking for a new dog should seriously consider one of these! They are perfect family dogs! Also healthier than the common shorter Bulldogs!
Melani L.
Minnesota, USA Minnesota, USA

Beaivvàs (Beyvas) Beaivvàs (Beyvas)
Miscellaneous Breed
Beaivvàs (Beyvas)
Beaivvàs (pronounced Beyvas) is a very very infrequent breed called Lapponian Herder. You can read more about the breed on this link! http://koti.mbnet.fi/tuulen/poro21.htm. Beaivvàs is born 6. July 2004! I love her! She is so beautiful!
Julianne Marie Schönen
Norway Norway

Ruckus Ruckus
Miscellaneous Breed
This is my best friend Ruckus who happens to be a 6-month-old "Azores" or Cao de fila San Miguel. She's considered a rare breed and no wonder with that lamp shade around her head. She loves to chase tails and swim in the lake. I hope everyone takes the time to read up on some rare breeds. They truly make great pets and companions.
Stephane Barjolin
Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

Odelle Odelle
Miscellaneous Breed
What is there to say but that she's an exceptional dog.
Rodrigo Solis R.
Mexico Mexico

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