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Becky Becky
Mixed Breed
Becky is a 2yr old pit bull/shepherd mix. Becky is an extremly hyper active dog and loves people to death. She always perks me up when i am sad. I just can live without her. She is my family and very best friend.
Sam Spach

Mack Junior Mack Junior
Mack Junior
Mack Junior is the cutest Old English Bulldog in the world i would do anything for him HE IS MY BABY!!
Bulldog Bulldog
united States united States

Sheba Sheba
German Shepherd Dog
This dog's name is Sheba. She is a 4 year old black and tan female German Shepherd Dog. My family and I rescued her from Michigan four years ago. Sheba loves the snow and water, and also loves going for walks. Her picture shows that she is loyal and has a calm nature, she can be a bit hyper, but always wants to please somebody.
Samantha Bonin
United States United States

Jackson Jackson
Australian Shepherd
jackson is such a great dog! he is very sweet and smart.and for his size,he is REALLY strong! he gets along great with other dogs,and i love him so much!
Kaylee Oiler
u.s.a u.s.a

Keelo Keelo
Siberian Husky
Keelo is extremely smart. He is sneaky and calculating and far smarter than any animal I have ever seen.
Allie Sevigny

Apollo Apollo
Mixed Breed
He is a complete goof ball. He makes me laugh all the time. And loves to play with his rope toy and get into trouble. His howl is soooo adorable!! And he is a charmer,too. He can get anything with one look of his beautiful,big grayish-brown eyes.
Cricket K
Wisconsin Wisconsin

Walker & Raffi Walker & Raffi
Italian Greyhound
Walker & Raffi
Walker (Blue/White male) & Raffi (Red male) are rescues, living in western Massachusettes with an adopted sister and 2 adopted brothers.
D. Northrup

Rookie Rookie
Rook is the master of manipulation. How can you resist a face like his! He is a loveable Lug!
Judy Sirch

Jerzee Jerzee
She is almost 10 months old. She is the sweetest girl and she loves to Ricochet off the couch while running in and out of the house.
Judy Sirch
United States of America United States of America

Mobsters Mobsters
Labrador Retriever
Moby is the best dog anyone could ask for! He is always always on his best behavior, adores kids, and is a best friend to many. He likes to go to new places, meet new people and dogs, and most of all loves kisses and cuddles.
United States United States

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