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Trey Tractor Patterson Trey Tractor Patterson
Miniature Schnauzer
Trey Tractor Patterson
Trey is a wonderful 3yr old full blood mini schnauzer
K Patterson
North East Texas, USA North East Texas, USA

Walter Walter
Miniature Schnauzer
This is me and Walter my 2 1/2 year old bundle of fun. He is the life of the party and everyone loves him. He loves car rides, squeaky toys, and potato chips. He's a snuggle bug and loves dressing up... what??? This IS his happy face!
Michelle B
United States United States

Sassy Sassy
Black Russian Terrier
Sassy is a baby, so she will give you the puppy face whenever she wants something!
Jerica Hill
Blanchard Blanchard

Penny (the white one) Penny (the white one)
Jack Russell Terrier
Penny (the white one)
Jerica Hill
United States United States

Betty Betty
Shih Tzu
Betty is 8 months old. She likes all types of food. Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Celery and of course a bit of yogurt.
Marte W
Oregon, USA Oregon, USA

The Boys The Boys
The Boys
This is our little boys, Jack and Dempsey. Jack is the smooth coat and Dempsey is longhair. They make us laugh everyday! Love you boys.
S Shafer
Oregon Oregon

Ginger Ginger
Chow Chow
Ginger at 4 months old, and she is a fantastic Pup even at this age she is well behaved and a quick learner for training even though she can be stubborn at times
Adrian F
Surrey Surrey

Chloey Lou Chloey Lou
Mixed Breed
Chloey Lou
My chloey dog is a wonderful little girl. She loves duck flavored food bones, jerky whatever it may be if it's duck she's a happy girl. She enjoys playing with other dog friends she meets but is perfectly content laying on the couch at home.
Rose Anderson
nc nc

Panchito Panchito
Bull Terrier
My dog is super sweet! He is very loyal and the thing he likes the most is to sleep in the bed with a lot of pillows around him! He is now 5 months old.
Joana Salgado
Porto, Portugal Porto, Portugal

Sandy Sandy
Saint Bernard
this is my sweetheart "SANDY". he is 9 month old, he is a well behaved and very intelligent pet. he is really very good with my other dog. he is a playful dog and is very good with my 4yr son, im a proud owner of my SANDY.
Abhi S
bhopal bhopal

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