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Tina Tina
Mixed Breed
Tina is such a delightful little X bred Chinese Crested 8 months old. she has only been in my life for 2 weeks and already has full control of the house hold.
Barry Vivian
QLD Australia QLD Australia

Juneau Juneau
Siberian Husky
Great dog, loves to go on long runs.
Andrew P
Florida Florida

Spencer Spencer
Spencer is a 15 month old Maltese. He is well behaved and loves people. A great breed of dog. He loves to travel in the car the shopping cart, or his carry bag, just so he is with you.
Karen Berard
Northeas, MA Northeas, MA

Sissy Sissy
We found Sissy and were not able to locate her former owner. She has become one of our family now (we have three cats also). she is a sweet natured girl and as you can tell she is anxiously awaiting Christmas.
Peggy Johnson
United States of America United States of America

Its Cold Outside Its Cold Outside
Its Cold Outside
She is the funniest dog ever. She will bite my other dogs for a treat and she loves to dress up and give lots of kisses.
Penny Davis
Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana

Tidsi Tidsi
Lhasa Apso
Not Forgotten
Tidsi was our first baby. she came in our lives on 5th may 2002. she has been with us for good 8 years. unfortunately she died today 5th dec 2009. Our family loved her so much that we still cant sink in the fact of her demise. We will always love you darling. We pray to god for her soul to be in peace. She was very close to all of us, speacialy to our MOM.. Suddenly Tidsi got very sick and after fighting with her illness for about a week she left us all today morning at around 4am.. she was a very bubbly and loving darling sister to us and daughter to my parents. WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU DARLING.. LOVE AND LOADS OF LOVE.. yours always Dad, Mom, and We Three sis.. and ur friend Kashyap... love you..
Audichya Family
Jaipur Rajasthan Jaipur Rajasthan

Zippo Zippo
Scottish Deerhound
Zippo is a wonderful Sottish Deerhound
Cassandra Cook
Alberta Alberta

Ace High "Gamble" Ace High "Gamble"
Labrador Retriever
Ace High "Gamble"
Gamble is a pure bread laberador retreiver with an excellent personality and a very sharp nose. We are very excited to have him as our friend and companion. In this photo Gamble is only 4 months old. He currently is just under 6 months of age and is a solid 58 lbs.
Luke Pagel
Neenah, WI Neenah, WI

Max Car Cervera Max Car Cervera
Mixed Breed
Max Car Cervera
He is not a specified Breed. He is a Russian Collie (Border Collie - Borzoi)
A Cervera
Albany Albany

Smokey "The Superboy" Smokey "The Superboy"
German Shepherd Dog
Smokey "The Superboy"
Our Super Boy.
S & T McAniston
Panama City, FL Panama City, FL

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