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Chemnitz Clan (Denmark) New Window
Our philosophy about breeding is that it should be quality ahead of quantity. Which means we will never breed more than one litter at a time, and that it happens in the family, a so-called homebreeding, which of course can't be possible if you have more than 2 or 3 litters at a time.
No-Nonsense's Bearded Collies (Belgium) New Window
Our goal is very simple: to breed, show and enjoy... sound, healthy and beautiful Beardies with the typical self-confident and yet loving character and with the "will to please".
Windheath Bearded Collies (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Beardies are described as being an energetic and intelligent breed. How true this is - Beardies need regular exercise each day and need something to do. If you don't give a Beardie something to do, they will find something - and many a Beardie owner tells of being outsmarted by their Beardie!


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