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Contact Point Border Collies (California, USA) New Window
The performance Border Collie is our specialty. Contact Point Border Collies are bred for excellent temperament, good health, high drive and the desire to please their trainer.
DarnFar Ranch (Illinois, USA) New Window
Whether you are seeking a promising Agility, Obedience, Search & Rescue partner or a highly-prized companion with which you share your recreation time, it's our opinion that a Border Collie should be bred to meet the herding-working standard for the breed.
Patrick Shannahan - Red Top Kennels (Idaho, USA) New Window
Working Border Collies and pups. Clinics, lessons, training and trial judging.
Peachy Keen Border Collies (Florida, USA) New Window
Our breeding program is centered around the betterment of this versatile breed and the promotion of responsible dog ownership. Purchasing a puppy is not something that should be done on a whim but should involve much research and planning.
Rising Star Border Collies (Connecticut, USA) New Window
At Rising Star Border Collies, our dogs train and compete in agility, conformation, flyball, herding and obedience -- displaying the true versatility of the Border Collie.
Stock Dog Exchange (Tennessee, USA) New Window
The Stock Dog Exchange specializes in custom professional training on livestock for everyday work. Our professional working dogs will not only help you work your stock more efficiently, but provide you with a loyal, lifelong companion.
Tigking Kennels (Texas, USA) New Window
Tigking Kennels wants to be certain that only the very best specimens of the breed are bred and only under very carefully controlled and limited situations. We select breeding animals and situations very carefully. Planned breeding programs are designed to produce healthy, loving dogs and to avoid contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.
Wildblue Border Collies (Colorado, USA) New Window
Wildblue Border Collies specializes in conformation lines, with an eye to a dog that can do anything. We have carefully chosen our foundation dogs, using a combination of the world's best lines - from Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.


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