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Bouvier Topline (The Netherlands) Photo Bouvier Topline (The Netherlands) photo Bouvier Topline (The Netherlands) New Window
Our Bouviers are a part of our family and our aim is to breed confident, social and healthy Bouviers, confirming as closely as possible to the FCI standard.
Briarlea Bouvier des Flandres Kennel (Wisconsin, USA) New Window
Briarlea Bouvier Kennel: Home of obedience, companion and working Bouviers des Flandres for over 25 years.
Echo Bouviers Des Flandres (Oregon, USA) New Window
Our household enjoys the companionship of six of the hairy beasts who enter puppyhood resembling furry little bear cubs, and grow up to look much like a buffalo, especially when grazing in the back yard (hence the word I coined for mine... Bouvaloes!).
Lakotah Kennels (Maryland, USA) New Window
Because we know that a dog's show career is only a small part of his life, we focus our breeding program on producing dogs with excellent health and great temperaments.
Margaux Bouviers (Illinois, USA) New Window
With his stable temperament, devotion and willful nature, the Bouvier is a working dog like no other and the relationship between this dog and his family is truly unique.
Potter's War Bouviers (Oklahoma, USA) New Window
We have Show and Futurity Prospects and pet puppies for the discriminating buyer. Pets are sold on sterilization contract with health and temperament guarantee.
Redwinds (Florida, USA) New Window
Breeders of Bouviers that can work.
Sleeping Lady's Bouvier des Flandres (Alaska, USA) New Window
Sleeping Lady's Bouvier des Flandres specializes in quality dogs. Of primary importance is disposition health testing and conformation.


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