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Bellagio Collies (California, USA)  New Window
We are a small breeding and showing operation located in Southern California, with over 20 years experience in various breeds with Collies being our favorite.
Chelsea Collies (California, USA)  New Window
We are a small breeding and showing operation located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Northern California, with over 35 years of involvement with the Collie breed.
Clarion Collies (New York, USA)  New Window
2002 was an especially gratifying year for us as we achieved the coveted title of "Breeder of the Year" with 10 champions bred here finishing their titles.
Collieston Kennels (Adelaide, South Australia)  New Window
The breeding stock, primarily our bitches, have been bred, selected, and socialised with an emphasis on temperament, as well as physical balance and beauty to create a line of good-looking, good-natured and intelligent pets of Conformation "show quality", but more importantly, quality companions.
Foggy Bay Collies (California, USA)  New Window
Foggy Bay Collies was founded over fifteen years ago on the shores of San Francisco Bay. We breed for type and soundness, and our limited breeding program ensures that every collie at Foggy Bay is raised a house dog.
Juell Collies (Kansas, USA)  New Window
Juell Collies is home to athletic well tempered Collies. Our goal is to find the optimal mixture of heath, structure, and temperament.
Kings Valley Collies (Oregon, USA)  New Window
Kings Valley Collies is a breeding and training facility located on a 160-acre tree farm in the beautiful foothills of the Coast Range, northwest of Corvallis, Oregon. For more than a quarter century, KINGS VALLEY has bred Collies of classic beauty, intelligence, and character.
Lochlaren Collies (Oregon, USA)  New Window
A small hobby kennel breeding quality Rough Collies.
Rainshade Collies (California, USA)  New Window
For a quarter of a century, Rainshade Collies have epitomized the finest characteristics for which the Collie breed is known and loved.
Stone Haven Collies (Massachusetts, USA)  New Window
Small hobby breeder breeding for health, conformation and temperament. Photographs and pedigrees.
Thorndale Collies (Wisconsin, USA)  New Window
Thorndale Collies began in 1970 with the purchase of our first show Collie. We then spent the next three years learning how to show, joining dog clubs, reading & more reading, and studying bloodlines.


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