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Make Money Dressing Dogs

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Make Money Dressing Dogs

*Please note that this article does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of As in all matters related to your dog, please use your better judgement.

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Make Money Dressing Dogs
by Jenny Harker

You can make serious money by turning your old clothes into one-of-a-kind dog blankets or coats. This is a home business for the sewing enthusiast.

Dog owners pump millions of dollars into the canine care industry each year. People love to buy original toys, blankets, and coats for their furry children.

To create your line of canine fashion wear you will need a sewing machine, needles, thread, your old clothes, and your imagination.

Bone up on your knowledge of sewing techniques by reading a good book on the subject. Also, study the design and materials of the dog coats and blankets offered for sale in your local pet shops. Sketch a few ideas of your own. Consider using quilting techniques to create truly original designs.

You could specialize in making personalized coats/blankets for small dogs. Think Paris Hilton's Chihuahua with its sparkly outfits. You could make coats for every season.

Keep in mind your line of canine wear and/or blankets need to be top quality work. You wouldn't buy a shoddy product and neither will your customers.

If you own a dog then use Fido as your model to find the right design you're looking for. Your dog could even be your supermodel later after you have your fashion line ready to sale.

Imagine your dog parading through a pet shop in his or her one-of-a-kind coat, pausing now and then to strike a dramatic pose while wearing a cool expression while you describe the outfit to your client.

I'm kidding. Well, my dog might do it. She's such a prissy little diva.

Market your doggy wear by selling at flea markets, dog-related events, and through your local newspaper. Present your line to pet shop owners, and those veterinary hospitals that carry dog coats and blankets. These business people will most likely agree to carry your line for a certain percentage of the profits.

Always draw up a legally binding contract before conducting any business transaction.

Once your local marketing efforts are paying off start thinking globally. Create a web site and market your dog wear to the entire world!

All this sounds wonderful, but once you run out of your old clothes where do you get more?

Your friends' and family's closets are a good place to start looking, with their permission of course. People are usually grateful to have someone else clean out their closet.

Don't forget to check the attics. People often pack clothes away and forget about them.

Also, check out garage and estate sales as well as thrift shops. You can pick up old clothing and bedding for pennies.

Your sewing machine, imagination, and old clothing could soon have you barking with joy.

Make Money Dressing Dogs
by Jenny Harker

Jenny Harker is on the hunt for fun home business ideas. Visit: today to read her other free money making ideas.

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*Please note that this article does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of As in all matters related to your dog, please use your better judgement.

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