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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions at

List of Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use the photos on your website? 
  2. Why can't I use the photos on your website? 
  3. What does do to prevent re-use of photos and content? 
  4. I found something that really made me mad on your website. 
  5. I have a specific question about dogs. 
  6. I'm having a problem viewing a page on your website. 
  7. Do you have a Privacy Policy? 
  8. Newly added question I love your website. Is there any way to say thank you? 
  9. Newly added question I don't know what breed of dog I have. Can I send you a photo? 
  10. Newly added question What's happening with the look of the website? 
  11. Newly added question I am trying to post a picture of my dog and when I hit the Submit button I get an error page messsage. 

F.A.Q. Questions and Answers

Can I use the photos on your website?Can I use the photos on your website?

In a word No. We do not allow any photos to be used by anyone for any purpose without prior approval.

Why can't I use the photos on your website?Why can't I use the photos on your website?

Many of the photos on our website are directly purchased by from Stock Photography websites. It is a clear violation of our agreement with these Stock Photography websites to allow others to use, print, publish or post these photos without their explicit permission. If you would like to use photos, you will need to do as we have done and purchase them. You can go here to search for Stock Photography websites.

Many other photos on our website are submitted to by it's many visitors. We have a responsibility to our visitors to be sure that these photos are not re-used. Photos submitted to are used for the sole purpose of being displayed on our website. We do not redistribute any photos submitted to us by our visitors, and we take that responsibility seriously.

What does do to prevent re-use of photos and content?What does do to prevent re-use of photos and content?

We take the re-using of photos and other content on our website very seriously. We use a many faceted approach to preventing abuse of our website content.

We move photos into different folders on our website on a frequent basis. This prevents direct hotlinking of photos from other websites. We examine our logfiles regularly, to find those who are hotlinking our files.

If we find abuse of our website content, we  may contact the offending website's hosting provider and notify them of the abuse. Most web hosting providers have an abuse policy, and offending clients may find their accounts cancelled or suspended due to violation of the hosting agreement.

I found something that really made me mad on your website.I found something that really made me mad on your website. takes our commitment to the ethical treatment of the dog very seriously. Even though we love dogs very much, sometimes things slip by us. If you find anything on our website that you feel does not reflect the ethical treatment of dogs, please let us know. We'd love to receive an email from you. Before you send us an email, please be follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a deep breath before writing that email. If you are writing us a letter out of anger, you aren't going to get very far. We are human beings just like you, and we expect to be treated with the same dignity that you would expect. If your email is soaked in anger or full of accusations, expect it to be deleted.
  2. We love dogs at and we only want what's best for them. There is a very good chance that if you find something wrong with our website, we will be grateful to you for pointing it out to us. Please write to us with the assumption that we all want what is best for our 'furry friends'.

I have a specific question about dogs.I have a specific question about dogs. does not respond to emails that contain specific questions about dogs, dog breeders, etc. We have done our best to provide you with a wide selection of dog-related materials.

There are many dog-related articles in the Dog Articles section of our website. You can find information about specific dog breeds in our Breed Directory. You can find dog breeders, breed clubs and many other dog-related links in our Links Directory.

I'm having a problem viewing a page on your website.I'm having a problem viewing a page on your website.

There may be one of several different reasons for problems viewing pages on our website. There may be a problem with our server or there may be a problem on your own computer. If you believe that there is a problem on our end, please send us an email with information on the problem and we will look into it.

Almost all of the emails that we receive with problems viewing web pages or performing actions like sending Dog eCards have to do with the user's individual computer. There are many different reasons why you may have problems viewing pages or performing tasks on our website. We cannot diagnose and solve computer problems related to our visitor's computers. The areas of difficulty can often be broken down to one or more of the following problems.

Browser - Your browser settings may prevent access to certain pages either because of the content contained within them or because of certain actions these pages are trying to perform.
Solution - Have a look at your browser's settings and adjust them if necessary. Try using another browser and see if this solves the problem. Surf our website from another computer.

Filtering Programs - Many computers have programs installed that are specifically designed to block websites and web pages that contain material that it determines to be inappropriate. Many of these programs will block a page or website if they find an inappropriate word or combination of inappropriate words. These programs may have been installed by you or by someone else within the house/office. Some of these programs are undetectable and others will have a small icon in the system tray.
Solution - If you have access to the program, disable it and try the website again. Try another computer without the program installed and see if the web page is accessible.

Firewall - Hardware firewalls (routers, switches, hubs) and software firewalls (ZoneAlarm, Windows XP built in firewall, Norton Personal Firewall 2005, BlackIce, etc) filter all of the material that goes into and out of your computer. Sometimes the settings are set to block certain material or certain types of browsing activity.
Solution - Check the settings of the firewall to see if changes are needed. If you have a software firewall, disable it momentarily in order to see if you can browse our website properly. If your existing software firewall is blocking our website, you may want add our website to it's "Trusted Zone" or you may want to uninstall the software and try installing another program. There are many free and inexpensive software firewall programs on the internet including our favourite ZoneAlarm.

Internet Service Provider - The company that provides your Internet Service may not access our website or may use a filtering program themselves.
Solution - Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them if there is any reason that they know of why you cannot view certain web pages.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?Do you have a Privacy Policy?

At we place a high value on your personal information and your privacy. Your information is only viewed by employees and management at Your information is never passed on to 3rd parties. Feel free to view the full Privacy Policy.

I love your website. Is there any way to say thank you?I love your website. Is there any way to say thank you?

If you've looked around, you'll notice that there isn't anything for sale - everything on our website is free. The only way we make any money to pay for this is through our advertisers and sponsors.

The best way for you thank us for all of this free stuff, is to visit one of our sponsors.

I don't know what breed of dog I have. Can I send you a photo?I don't know what breed of dog I have. Can I send you a photo?

No, please don't send us a photo, we get far too many requests to be able to respond. Due to popular demand, though, we are planning on adding a feature to our website that will allow feedback from our visitors. You register a photo of your dog, and visitors to will help you identify your dog.

What's happening with the look of the website?What's happening with the look of the website?

We are gradually changing the look and the performance of The new design will unfold section by section. The website now complies with the new XHTML web standards so that we are ready for the latest advances on the web. Another important consideration has been to decrease the size of the pages and therefore speed up the download times and increase your enjoyment of the website.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.

I am trying to post a picture of my dog and when I hit the Submit button I get an error page messsage.I am trying to post a picture of my dog and when I hit the Submit button I get an error page messsage.

This error relates to the Photoz of Friendz section of the website. The most common reason for this error page is a browser timeout. When you press the submit button, the photo of your dog is uploaded to our server. It takes a long time to upload a photo if the photo is very large, if there is heavy traffic on the website or on the Internet, or if your Internet connection is slow. If it takes too long to upload the photo, your browser assumes that there is no page on the website and it "times out".

Solutions - The easiest solution is to resize the photo to a smaller size and try submitting your information again. If things are busy on the Internet, you can try again later.

If you are technically inclined, you can change your browser's timeout. You can find more information by doing a search on "Browser Timeout". Here's more information on changing the timeout values for Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox.

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