Giant Schnauzer Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

Other Names: Riesenschnauzer Country of Origin: Germany Germany Lifespan: 10-12 Years Male Height: 25.5-27.5 Inches Male Weight: 65-90 Pounds Female Height: 23.5-25.5 Inches Female Weight: 65-90 Pounds

Grooming requirements. Exercise requirements. Good with children Good guard dog. Suited to cold climates. Suited to apartment living.
American Kennel Club Classification : Working Group
Canadian Kennel Club Classification : Working Dogs
Kennel Club (Great Britain) Classification : Working
AKC Ranking More info on AKC Dog Ranking : Year:   2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
  Rank:   83 94 95 94 89 87 83 83 78

Giant Schnauzer CharacteristicsGiant Schnauzer Characteristics

The Giant Schnauzer is a magnificent and regal animal when properly cared for, but with improper care and neglect they can become quite aggressive. He is primarily a guard dog at heart with a very bold,protective and headstrong nature. This is a dog breed that needs an experienced owner who is willing to spend extra time on obedience and socialization. They take training well, but it must be delivered in a firm manner - "Can you sit please" does not work well with this breed.

An affectionate and loyal dog, Giant Schnauzers become very bonded with their families and can also be protective as well. This dog breed does not do well living on its own, fairing much better when integrated into the family lifestyle.

Slow to mature, the Giant Schnauzer can be quite a handful until they reach 2 or 3 years of age. These first years can be trying to an inexperienced dog owner, but like a good wine they do improve with age. As puppies they do not like being left alone, and can put on quite a show when you decide to leave the house.

All in all this is a wonderful breed if you are committed to the grooming, the obedience, the early socialization of the puppy, and you are a handler who is able to be firm when required.

Giant Schnauzer HistoryGiant Schnauzer History

The Giant Schnauzer is a dog breed that has always been bred to serve man. In his beginnings he was a cattledrover and a guard dog used to protect both valuables and livestock. Money and valuables were often tied to the dog's collar to keep it safe from thieves. The Giant Schnauzer served valiantly in both World Wars in both police and military duty.

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